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Well, I've finally dived into Mad Men. I knew, from everything I'd heard about it, that I would more than likely fall in love with it. But I also knew that I just didn't have the time to devote to it. Before now.

I just started on Friday, but at the rate I'm going - one episode to go in the first season (yeah, it's been a slow weekend) - I'll be all caught up and watching the new episodes live by next week.

Thing is, it took me a few episodes to really get into it. I thought the pilot was good - really good, even - but it didn't quite bowl me over. I kept watching, though, waiting to get really sucked into it. And I can't really pinpoint the exact point in the first season where that actually happened, but somewhere between episode one and eleven I got hooked.
i'm hoping people will post about scenes where they see a bit of the Sopranos side of Weiner's influence- its really noticeable sometimes when you keep an eye out for it.
Exactly. There's a familiar rhythm to certain scenes, in the writing and the direction. Often, it's in the lack of dialogue. Several of the episode endings, in particular, felt very "Sopranos"-esque to me. The quiet, little moments between Don and Betty that close the show, the way the music swells in. I feel like there's definitely some "Sopranos" in there.

Seeing 'Father Intintola' make an appearance was a treat, too.

Re: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner returns for seasons 3 & 4

My aunt says she's going to start watching the new season tonight because one of her email friends has been after her to do it. She doesn't remember, but I told her about the series a couple of years back when it first started and even had the pilot episode on when she was in the room. I may or may not watch with her tonight (I'm really busy with a project that's due in less than two weeks, so I may have to forfeit).

I do want to try to get into the show at some point as way too many people who admire the Sopranos (including Chase, even) have sung the praises of Mad Men. I know I must be missing something. I just haven't quite figured it out yet.:icon_wink:
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