Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner returns for seasons 3 & 4

I don't know how many members have been paying attention the news regarding Mad Men. But a huge issue recently has been whether AMC would pay Weiner what he wanted/deserved to come back for a third season. I mean, imagine if Sopranos was suddenly without David Chase. Hardcore fans would be in an uproar.

Anyway, just the other day they finally reached a deal and Weiner will return for not only season 3, but 4 as well! Great news!!!!

Here is the link ;-) ... id=14&cs=1

Re: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner returns for seasons 3 & 4

Great article, Harpo! i can hardly wait for August 16th- i'm thinking of taking Mondays off so i can watch Mad Men on Sunday night, then the encore immediately following, and sleep in the next day! i was going to re-watch previous seasons to get back up to speed, but didn't have one extra minute to do so.

So, my guess is, is that the new season will start off with Betty already having had the baby and its already older, like a toddler, and Don is in the midst of heavy mid-life boredom, ripe for another affair --a classic situation after unexpected baby number three.

Either that, or they take the huge leap of confronting the pending abortion controversy, soon to take hold in the following decades, and they have her sent off to France or somewhere, and she has returned mysteriously un-preggers. Most likely the former, as it doesn't seem quite in the trajectory of the storyline to go the latter route, but who knows? This show really takes some chances.
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