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So I watched most of the second episode the other day when AMC was apparently doing a marathon. I didn't make it through to the end.

I do actually love the late 50s setting. But the era is actually a small part of why many of the characters strike me as less than definitively authentic. I think there's a missing "throw back" inhibition in the dialog and the way these people relate, particularly across the sexes. The outward (if not actual) mores seem out of whack for the period, even for NYC. The two episodes I did watch (partially) also seemed to focus on sex and romantic relationships too much for my taste.

I did find one character that mildly intrigued me -- the wife of the main male character. But it wasn't enough to make me want to keep watching, especially with the rather contrived hand numbness and car crash.

In any event, I did see where the second season is starting next Sunday, and I'll check back in here to see whether you regular viewers are pleased or not. I might give it another shot down the road.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Mad Men on AMC (New Matthew Weiner project)

Anyone else out there catch the Season opener? Fantastic. ANd that little clip from Matthew Weiner "'splainin'" it to us- that was a bit weird, but actually quite useful. i watched the encore, fell asleep, then watched it again on "On Demand" this morning. i definitely caught alot more the second time around. After first watch, i thought it was a bit weird, but until the Weiner footnotes, i hadn't quite realized it was set over a year since Peggy's surprise ending from last Season.

That fascinating exchange between Peggy and Don when she comes up with the "What did you bring me, Daddy?" slogan- truly amazing. i am imagining the writer's team actually evolving that bit themselves, and putting it to the pen. That scene, imo, really shows the brillance behind what they do- the brilliance of writers- and reflects alot of what was behind his and David Chase's work on the Sopranos. imo, you can really see alot of the Sopranos-type subtle brilliance within this show. Makes it that much more wonderful to view- it kind of fills that gap or craving for what we lost when the Sopranos ended. When Don shows Peggy how what they do is truly special, and tells her how others hate them for it because they can't do it themselves- well, it drives the point home. ANd the way she just gets it. And runs with it. SHe evolves with his train of thought, makes it her own--ANd it bears fruit! Then DOn tells her she can put it in her book. Just priceless. That tiny scene, imo, is one of the alltime greats. Bravo Matthew Weiner et al. :smile:

Re: Sopranos Ending reference from Mad Men Interview

Here's a clip from the recent MadMen interview/Live Chat from Sopranos main writer Matthew Weiner, where he references the Sopranos infamous ending: (A great read for other content as well...) ... weiner.php

11:30:39 PM - Steve from the Bronx: Has your experience with The Sopranos has been any sort of influence on Mad Men?

11:30:42 PM - Matthew Weiner: Being associated and working in the environment of one of the greatest shows in the history of television has made me humble and at the same time striving for excellence. The most important lesson was to not discount emotional truth and always try to be entertaining. I try and tell a story that you don't know the ending, but when you see it, it seems inevitable.

Re: Mad Men on AMC (New Matthew Weiner project)

Hey anyone out there tracking this show here? If not- where are you posting? The website has great video clips and blog, talk forum etc., but i'm not sure where best forum is besides that one. (wish they had the equivalent of Chase Lounge...). This show is incredible and has quite a bit of the genius we saw on Sopranos. i might start posting on amc if no one wants to pursue it here....:smile:

Re: Mad Men on AMC (New Matthew Weiner project)

bada, I would be happy to set up a subforum to the TV forum dedicated to Madmen. In fact, I would just make you the mod of that forum and let you be in charge of everything related to running it. You would obviously have to recruit some folks to talk about it here, but I'm more than willing for Chase Lounge to host the discussions.:smile:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Mad Men on AMC (New Matthew Weiner project)

What a great idea! As time permits, let's see how it goes. Not sure if anyone in this group is interested enough so far...

The main thing is that Mad Men really does relate to The Sopranos, in that you can really see the parallel influences from Mathew Weiner's writing and direction. Now that i have been seeing Weiner have a chance to bloom, when i re-watch certain Sopranos eps, they feel different now. Its as if the chemistry between him and CHase is more apparent, and i can appreciate more why Chase liked him so much. i think at the time that Chase brought Weiner on board, there was a lot of speculation about the decision. He knew a good thing when he saw it. i can see the highly successful fruit of their mentor-protege relationship.
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