FX Network's The Americans

I'd like to know if anyone else here have begun to watch this show.

It took me a few viewings. But I now believe this may very well be the best show on TV. Even better than Game of Thrones.

Many of you may scoff at my saying it is better than Game of Thrones because GoT has a much larger budget.

But TA is an extremely thoughtful show. Very intelligent. It's like a living history lesson of the 1990s and the Cold War.

It concerns secret Russian spies that have come to the USA and assumed the lives of regular Americans. They have children and they live in Suburbia and behave like normal law-abiding Americans - except for one thing.

They are actually KGB spies - or Intelligence Operators. This show is extremely exciting and extremely well done. It has just been renewed for a third season and I'm fairly certain that if any of you give it a try, you will be highly pleased.

I just love this show. It has currently broadcast the 11th episode in it's 2nd season. The 1st season had 13 episodes and it looks like the 2nd season will as well.

I recommend the episode where Regan got shot most especially. It's a living lesson of how both the Americans and Russians reacted. Apparently, the Russians were really scared and belived Al Haig was attempting a coup when he announced, "I am in charge here". It was both extremely exciting and scary at the same time. That is S01E04.

You can Google "The Americans Season 1 Episode 1 recap" to get a recap of the first episode. Then just substitute the appropriate season number and episode number for any other episode that interests you. I can recommend a few sites with some great weekly recaps. They are cloture.com, wsj.com, vulture.com. The wsj.com site recaps may be found under blogs.wsj.com

Here are 4 links to 4 different recaps sites for S02E09:
http://www.clotureclub.com/2014/04/amer ... episode-9/
http://www.vulture.com/2014/04/american ... north.html
http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2014/04/ ... ial-eagle/
http://collider.com/the-americans-recap ... episode-9/

The Americans is broadcast every Wed. night on the FX network.

Come and join in on the intrigue.

Re: FX Network's The Americans

Hi Splishak. I've watched both seasons and like you have thoroughly enjoyed the stories and characterisations. In some ways it's similar to The Sopranos as the viewer is invited to sympathize and empathize with the main characters, although in this case they are Soviet spies not gangsters. Both leads make a very handsome couple. That was one mighty twist at the end this season and there is a thoughtful ambiguity as to who are the good guys and bad guys. I have never watched GoT so I can't comment but I will say I think The Americans is better than Homeland which is kind of similar but I think it overstepped credibility, along with some poor acting, and jumped the shark in season 2.
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