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Hi Mikey,

Actually, I recalled bloodshot posting about this before, and I hunted it down. It was in the news section.

If you guys get a discussion going, I'll merge the threads here. I haven't seen the project myself, and as busy as I am these days, I don't anticipate having (or making) the time to do it. But thankfully there are others around these parts who still keep up with all things connected to the Sopranos universe.:icon_wink:
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My wife & I saw the pilot episode and thought it was pretty entertaining. The best way to describe it would be Sopranos meets Northern Exposure.

I guess a lot of your interest will come down to how you feel about Van Zandt as the lead actor. I think he's fine, but it's pretty much played as "Silvio and a bunch of weird Norwegians".

Worth checking out, especially if you're looking for something reminiscent of the Sopranos.

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As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m intrigued by this series on many different levels. First and foremost, of course, Silvio in a new setting. And make no mistake about it, it’s Silvio “irregardless” (my favorite Sopranos malapropism) of whatever name he’s using on the new show. I’m afraid Little Steven’s acting chops may be a bit limited but I don’t care. You’re pretty much looking at the whole show as a poor man’s Sopranos anyway. Still there’s a certain charm about it that had me looking forward to each episode. That leads me to the Scandinavian actors. I love em. Each one brings a certain appeal and realistic portrayal that may be inherit to the region but avoids overly stereotyping. It’s this sort of acting that has kept me from watching Mad Men, which has always come across as cold and forced to me. Here there’s a genuine feel to their approach. And I love the use of interplay of subtitles and English. Never seen it done this way before. What might seem to be a bit of a distraction actually adds to the authenticity that Silvio er... Giovanni finds himself in. I could go on about each individual actor but will save it for future posts. Finally, it’s interesting the way Netflix is approaching the whole project. Obviously working with no budget, the simplicity of it all is part of the appeal. And from a programming perspective, the fact that you can watch any episode at any time remains to be seen if it’s a successful way to approach internet schedule.
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JLTucker wrote:I watched the pilot today and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's too difficult to pass up a funny Silvio Dante.
That's one thing I forgot to convey in my earlier post. Van Zandt, as with Silvio, is really funny in the role. There was one scene where he's walking in the snow and gets stuck and says "what the f#@$" or something to that effect. Just the way he says it cracks me up.

Whatever you may think of Van Zandt's talent as an actor, there is something very likable and funny about him. Not all "actors" have that quality.
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