'Freaks and Geeks' anyone?

If not my favortie at least ONE OF my all-time favorite shows besides Sopranos despite very unfortunately only lasting just one season/18 episodes but without an OUNCE of fat or filler. To those into Judd Apatow's work, it all BEGINS with this very production of his which, to me and many others, STILL has yet to be topped by Judd himself despite all the great stuff he's done since such as 'Anchorman', '40-Year-Old-Virgin', 'Knocked Up', 'Funny People', etc. Freaks and Geeks was out not too long after Sopranos debuted actually (late'99/early'00); a classic victim of being on network TV (instead of HBO) along with no consistent time-slot. What Sopranos is to Goodfellas this one pretty much is to Fast Times at Ridgemont High even giving it a 'nod' every now and then just like Sopranos would to its respective movie. It takes place in the very early, pre-MTV, '80s. May as well call this period-piece about high school kids coming-of-age in a small town outside Detroit a '70s show being the obvious leftoverture of music/styles/pop-culture from the previous decade still alive and very well amongst teens at this very moment in time (1980-81 school year to be exact) and although lasting many seasons and a decent enough show in its own right, 'That '70s Show' DOES NOT hold a candle to this one! Character-developments, multi-plotlines, and especially use of good music (mainly classic rock) is what makes 'Freaks and Geeks' basically a mini-(high school)-Sopranos. In fact, two actors from Sopranos (Dr. Kennedy and Eugene's wife) each play a small role, both the parents of one of the main characters, Neil Schweiber. Many actors such as Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and James Franco all got their start on this series. To those who have yet to see an episode not only do I highly recommend getting a hold of its lone season but I also highly reccomend giving yourself an entire day being that you may just become addicted and find yourself watching all 18 eps in one setting and being QUITE unhappy that 18 is all there is. Or, perhaps, saying that this show dying a premature death may have very well been a 'blessing-in-disguise'; ending just before it could possibly.....jump the shark??

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