Nurse Jackie

This is more of a comment than a review.

Edie Falco along with James Ganfolfini helped make the Sopranos what it is.

I have watched a few episodes of her latest series and once again she proves what a fine actor she is.

I am surprised that this forum has made no effort to discuss this show while some series with no connection to either Chase and the Sopranos have dedicated threads.

Shame really. Ms Falco is very good and deserves the accolades she continues to receive.

Re: Nurse Jackie

Conkom, did you not just start a thread for it?:icon_wink: People are quite free to talk about whatever shows they like in this forum, whether those shows have a Sopranos connection or not.

I watched the first episode of Nurse Jackie and part of another. Didn't care for it at all for reasons that have nothing to do with Falco. But I concur with you 100% about her work on the Sopranos and about her talent in general. She's terrific.
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Re: Nurse Jackie

To be honest, shows that I do watch has come from discussions generated here at the Chase Lounge.

Mad Men
The Wire
Boardwalk Empire

I some cases I would have not known about them if it wasn't for the connections to the Sopranos highlighted on this MB.

When I did hear about the show I wasn't interested about a medical themed series. And I guess I didn't want to see Ms Falco play any other character than Carmella.

Curiosity however prevailed (and the slim pickings available at the moment) and I sampled the pilot episode. I am nearly half way through season 1.

It is quirky, funny, poignant and not bad for a half hour show.

And Ms Falco is a bloody good actress!!

This thread will probably end here, but maybe some other Sopranofiles might make the effort to catch up with an old favourite.

Re: Nurse Jackie

I haven't seen Nurse Jackie yet but it does look appealing when I'm eventually in the right mood for it. Sopranos has encompassed my whole world lately and I can't seem to break off into any other TV series without reverting back to it.

I will always appreciate Edie Falco as Carmella, she is not one of my top five in Sopranos, however to quote James himself "She can say a lot with just a look." I believe she's an extremely talented actress and there are moments in the show where she truly does make the entire scene.

There's even a couple scenes which I was reminiscing about earlier in the week which parallel each other in the series, one in the first season and again in a later season. Carmella fixes a snack for Tony. Such a simple little thing but the way she acted it out reminds me SO much of my own mother, although this is more a credit to the fantastic writing than the actress herself, she still embodied the emotions extremely well and I couldn't picture Carmella as any other person.

Re: Nurse Jackie

I've been meaning to watch a few episodes, but Showtime never seems to know what to do with their series, so I fear a disappointment over the horizon. It's as if they're so keen to compete with HBO, they'll greenlight anything, even if it doesn't have a plan past the first season. So many shows on Showtime end up becoming zombies, existing two or three seasons past where they should've tied things up, unlike HBO, which is usually good at ending their shows at the right time*. And it's a shame, because some of the ideas Showtime has put on the air have been pretty good or at the very least new, they just don't know what to do with them after a few years.

Anyway, glad to see Edie won herself another Emmy, I can't imagine her not deserving it.

* - Yes, I know HBO screwed with Carnivale and Deadwood. I don't count John from Cincinnati because, honestly, what the fuck?
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