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Hey Guys, I thought I'd give this one last try at getting a response on SOA viewing from board members. When it 1st debut and still to this day, it's the most heavily compared show to the Sopranos thats hit television, and rightfully so. Since it's 2nd season just wound up, with season episodes beating out Leno ratings wise, i thought i'd take in Alan Spillwells take of the show. He was the go to writer for The Star Ledger in NJ during the Sopranos heyday and reading his column really brought back memories of his literally daily coverage, especially with the attached article that references to our favorite show.

I tried a couple of times to introduce the topic but really got no response. It's unfortunate if you've missed it since the comparisons are undeniable. Now with the shows popularity, the writing is starting to approach Chase quality.

So if you've seen it, let me know where you think it stands. ... ng_sa.html

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Hey bloodshot- i did meant to get back to this, but swamped at work and terrified if i don't keep up, i don't want to be in the soup line in this economy...

You are so right- this is great television. i think more of us will post when we catch up to it, becasue i think we are all craving Sopranos-level television. I still need to get caught up on past episodes though, and i thought i would have done that by now to better comment here about it. Comcast On Demand doesn't have everything available right now.

Good article, and thanks for post.
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