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Anyone out there following this? (Sunday nights at 10pm). This show is just incredible. i never thought the storyline sounded like my kinda thing (staightarrow chemistry teacher turns to making meth to support his growing family). i accidently caught part of an episode- and was "hooked"- kinda like the way i fell into Sopranos, actually.

i mean, this show is really amazing- almost not sure how AMC got so smart to have it! The acting is top-notch and the writing too. its interesting to watch something set in what for most viewers is not the usual hollywood backdrop of NY or LA. New Mexico's vast mountainy deserts and heat dotted with funky suburbs and modern buildings here and there. The characters are very personal and utterly believable- not glamourized or even cynically deified as they seem to be out of L.A., where drug kings reign with a certain celebrity. While its not even close to any personal experience i have ever had or will have in terms of connection to the drug world- it is completely compelling and worth watching. i have learned alot and learning to have more compassion for young adults trying to live clean lives in modern times.

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Just had to post (albeit a lonely isolated thread here!) about the incredible and superb last episodes and the season finale of Breaking Bad on Sunday night. I don't want to give away anything, because i am hoping someday some Sopranos fans will have a chance to catch up with me on this show. It is really beyond belief incredibly good. It has elements of Crash, with quirky synchronicity, as well as morality spiraling downward in spite of the character's best intentions--like the Sopranos- and yet redemption is hovering at hand: alot of Sopranos-type themes.

It was so amazing i just had to say it! Please give this weird show a chance. Subject matter seems unlikeable, but you will be very surprised, it really is about humanity. Real humanity, not the hollywood version. Weak, frail human beings, who still manage on occasion to eek out some inner strength at the most profound and unlikely times- the only times that count ultimately- when you really need to.

Still, the overall theme shows the dominance of the culture of death and despair we all live in, and must try to overcome, in spite of the dark forces that appear to be winning. The hope of redemption keeps the flickering flame alive...

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This really is a great show. As Bada mentioned, it does have much cross-over with its themes. Also not wanting to spoil anything, but it is almost hopelessly nihilistic and hopeless at times. The show has a breakneck speed and never slows down for a second. Great stuff.

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Seems like we've all gone our separate ways in the post-Sopranos world. A few into Madmen, a few into Breaking Bad (I think jouster is with you on this one, bada) a few into In Treatment, a few into some other things.

I have not seen Breaking Bad, but I'm not terribly optimistic about how I would receive it based on all I've read. Sopranos has so ruined me in terms of what I am willing to overlook in writing, what I'm willing to let slide. When I tried to watch Madmen, I couldn't help the ever-encroaching critical voice that seemed to crop up in my head every other scene that said "this is overdone" or "this isn't real" or "this sounds patently contrived for dramatic affect."

I guess it shows that what I hold most sacred, what really means the most to me about a work in this phase of my life, is the writing, and so I'm more critical of it than any other aspect of a production and more intolerant when it doesn't reach the level that I now know it can reach. I lament that the core of us who still visit this forum don't have that shared passion for anything new right now. But, for my part, it's all David Chase's fault.:icon_razz:
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Even though we've all gone our seperate ways, the same thought process seems to run through all of us. Regarding Mad men, i deperately wanted to fill the void so i hoped it would work. I walked away from it though, after several attempts i might add, echoing the same sentiments as FOMW. It's no doubt a fine show and has an appeal. Breaking Bad really is a intense series that came close for me. I find though, the fact it's limited to what it can do on basic cable a bit distracting. The storyline really screams for pushing the envelope further then it can. It also forces me to wonder how The Sopranos would have played out had it been picked up by FOX (which had 1st shot). Finally the one program thats come the closest for me has been Sons of Arnachy on FX. It arrived last season with the strongest comparisons to The Sopranos that i've seen. So much so I was sure it would be too transparent a ripoff. Surprisingly. i'm anxiously awaiting the 2nd season the the fall

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I'm going to echo a lot of the "The Sopranos ruined my ability to enjoy so and so" sentiment here.

I do find myself watching things a lot more critically. Mad Men has come the closest to replacing the Sopranos for me, and it echoes a lot of the themes as well, but I don't see how it can come close to pulling off anything like The Sopranos did in it's run.

There are a lot of reasons why I feel this way, but ultimately, I suppose, it's important to try to let things go and try to enjoy things for what they are.

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I agree on Mad Men- really great show, with occasional glimpses of brilliance that parallel Matt Weiner's previous work on Sopranos, and it truly brings me back to those amazing moments. Thats why i thought it would be great if they did a retro Sopranos show dealing with life in Livia and Johnny Boy's day with the Sixtie's theme building up to when Tony came on the scene. Matt Weiner would do a superb job of that, and it would fill some gaps that we all crave to understand in terms of understanding who Tony is and where he comes from- how did he become the complex guy he is, etc.

i just really believe it would be a succesful spin-off that would not ruin the existing triumph. It would not "Gild the Lily", but rather, frame it nicely and still be its own stand-alone masterpiece. They could have James Gandolfini back in as modern-day Tony reminiscing from Jail, Witness Protection, or hell or somewhere, with most of the show or movie being dreams and flashbacks to his childhood and stories from his grandparents, etc-- an improvement to where GFII and III sort of fell a bit short on the flashback success.

Chase- are you reading here lately? Give it some thought! Seriously. Please.

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hey all, havent been here for a while but i just knew some of you would be into breaking bad. i found that show recently and i really enjoy it. after sopranos ended i kind of wandered off for a while and didn't watch anything. the next show that really hooked me was battlestar galactica. that ended recently and i really like breaking bad now and also fringe. thats about all the TV i watch though.

im definitely gonna check out mad men. i saw a trailer for season 2 and it looked pretty exciting. ill have to find season 1 somewhere and give it a try.

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I'm surprised to see I haven't posted in this thread yet. I love this show, and the second season was my favorite television last year (it certainly mopped the floor with the disappointing third season of Mad Men). The third season starts this Sunday and I can't wait. I hope to post about it here regularly, if there are others up for some discussion, at least. Anyone?

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I love Breaking Bad. So I can't wait for this Sunday. In many ways the second season was the opposite of Mad Men for me though. Mad Men season 3, started off incredibly slow, but by the end, it pulled out all the stops and I loved it. Breaking Bad season 2, had a great setup throughout the season and some excellent choices and episodes. But threw alot of that out in the last 10 minutes of the finale. Fairly ludicrous if you ask me. But then again, I waiver back and forth. I can't decide if I adore the ending or hate it.
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