HBO's Generation Kill

Anyone watching this? Just caught the first two episodes and while it is entertaining, I can't help but think it has an agenda. Perhaps not. Considering the folks in the Marines are young men, by and large, and have the same attitudes that many young men of the 18-22 age range may have, it has a certain realism. But compared to something like Band of Brothers, I am wondering if it is realism I am seeing or someone's attempt to portray these young (and frankly brave) men as shallow, crude and only interested in "dealing death." Anyone been in the armed forces? Can they say if this is a reality or something other?

It's an interesting series and certainly curious to see the events of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. As well, it's good acting though tiresome to see the same seeming portrayal from every one of the men in the unit. There doesn't seem to be too much of a difference.

If anything, it's another success by HBO in terms of television production. I'm just not sure how true it is to reality. What do you folks think?

NOTE: And let's try and keep politics out of this as much as possible, recognizing that it is difficult to discuss the subject matter without some amount of that. Intellectual honesty should rule the day.
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Re: HBO's Generation Kill

As Parps said, it is based on a nonfiction book, and so far I see no major changes at all from the text. Maybe it's something in the presentation that is making you question the realism? Regardless, I'm very curious how you'll feel about it at the end of the series (I know they filmed seven and have shown three so far). I personally think it's very well done and am enjoying it, but it's not really hitting me like their previous work, but that of course always peaked at the end, so I'm excited for future installments.

Re: HBO's Generation Kill

I have been watching this as well. While I can't comment on the realism, I agree that it does seem to have an agenda. With that said, a piece of art oftentimes makes statements, I just think with something like this, Simon and co. are hitting you over the head with a sledgehammer. As opposed to Sopranos which often left it ambiguous or up to the viewer to decide their stance on things.

I guess the question here is, is it too hard and obvious of a statement they are making. And I think the answer to that DOES lie in the realism. If that IS how being in the Marine Corps. is, I have no issues whatsoever, and think it is a well done mini-series. If the writers have bloated the characters to stereotypes, I do have a problem with that.

I guess there is no easy answer to your question, Hunt. I feel that there are people that are similar to these characters in the Corp. And therefore think if there is any over-exaggeration, it is probably not very far off from the reality of the matter.

As a side night it is great to see Lee Tergesen back on HBO. He played one of my favorite characters, Beecher, on Oz.
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