From Earth to the Moon

As we celebrate one HBO triumph on these boards, I thought I might mention yet another that is currently capable of being bought on the cheap - From Earth to the Moon can be had from Amazon for only $30 right now. That's a steal!

I've just started watching it again it it remains an excellent example of the US mission to get a man on the moon. It's right up there with The Right Stuff and Apollo 13. Check it out if you have not.
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Re: From Earth to the Moon

Thanks much, DH. My dad was an aerospace engineer, directly involved in those missions. i grew up in that space race climate- the excitement, the fear about the tragedies, the thrill of success. Us kids used to draw pictures and color on the backs of confidential blueprint paper brought home by my Dad that was no longer being used in the design phases. i will certainly look into this..:smile:
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