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I don't know why I don't make more of an effort to make this regular watching. I've always enjoyed it when I have caught it, but never have made it a must see. With the Seinfeld storyline announced, I did look forward to catching it last night though. I did find myself laughing out loud, which doesn't happen often. His scream of terror as he turned into the driveway after racing the Dr. back to the house had me waking the kids. The cancer topic demonstrates the Seinfeld tradition of nothing being off limits. Not sure if I’ve ever seen that played out in a comedy. David's ability to create an inappropriate situation that you can find yourself in still seems to be intact as well. The party scene conversation with the doctor and his partner was very similar to the countless times that I’ve foolishly talked my way into a corner. I will say though, half an hour of his rants is about all one can take. And i absolutely agree with UP's concerns. Especially the dialogue being forced compared to earlier seasons, as well as, the over the top temperature joke.

On a more Chase Lounge oriented note, I have a hard time listening to any HBO program introduction and the segway into the white noise and HBO logo without immediately remembering the excitement I used to feel around 9:00 on Sunday night. It bums me out every time I hear it.

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bloodshot, I think you and I are long lost cousins 'cause I find myself going "yeah, yeah" all the time to your posts.:icon_biggrin: I, too, have always enjoyed CYE whenever I've watched it and have frequently laughed out loud even when completely alone. But I've never made it appointment television.

Last night I was busy and just had the Emmys on in the background because I wanted to see if Gabriel Byrne might actually get the award (he didn't). So I will try to catch CYE during the week sometime.

But I hear you on the HBO "whoosh". Even when I watch my In Treatment DVDs, the deflation when I realize it's not new Sopranos stuff I'm about to see is palpable.
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Finally got the Seinfeld group in there last night and it was pretty good so far, especially the Jerry/Larry dynamic. It's almost weird seeing Jason Alexander morph into George in front of the real George (and I agree with should coordinate the tip on separate checks. :icon_wink: )

No Leon last night though. :icon_sad:

So far the comedy has been somewhat uneven to me. Some of the bits work but those that don't really fall flat. Still, even if it's overkill, you have to enjoy a scene where Susie and Larry are screaming at each other. I'm looking forward to the "rehearsals" for the reunion show.
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This past episode ("The Hot Towel"), while still decent was not up the the quality of the past 3 episodes. All the conflicts seemed a bit more forced. I think fans of CYE always enjoy how their own feelings parallel with Larry's, yet he manages to walk the deftly between stating good points, and being annoying. Well, this episode he was definitely more in the annoying ballpark. And that makes it harder for the audience to be on his side. Pestering a doctor for their home phone number? Yeah, I agree with lots of Larry's views (if pushed, probably about 85%), but this was just too much.

Also it was lackluster after seeing so much with the Seinfeld cast last episode to find absolutely no plot development in this episode.

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I, too, was a little surprised at not a mention or glimpse of the Seinfeld arc. Curious. Agreed also it wasn't up to par.

I do get a kick out of seeing old seinfeld alumni make apperances on the show and wonder how the Hollywood relationship played out. Was "Mr. Bookman"(played the Dr for those who missed Sunday) someone David's been friend's with all these years? Did he come looking for work? Was he someone they had in mind for the role from the start, etc...?

One thing i'm not crazy about the scripting of the show is not knowing whether a familar actor will play themselves or are they fictitious.

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I'd imagine that character that played a part on Seinfeld were most likely friends of Larry that remained close after the show. But they aren't well-known enough or even B-level actors (Christian Slater ;-) ) for the audience to know this, so they play other parts to stay involved.

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I knew this episode was off to a bad start when Larry burnt his hand on the hot towel, which is just completely ridiculous. Not as bad as the 'sonic boom toilet' from a season or two ago, but really dumb just the same. I enjoyed the Seinfeld cast episode and the one prior to that, so hopefully this episode was an anomaly.

I will say it's hard not to laugh at Larry yelling at Sammy to "shut the fuck up" from the guest room.

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jouster wrote: I will say it's hard not to laugh at Larry yelling at Sammy to "shut the fuck up" from the guest room.
No, the yelling and swearing were completely on mark. It was the situations that I were hard to believe. I think I completely lost it when Larry yelled at Sammy at the end. SO hilarious.
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