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badabellisima wrote:
And per last old post- weird how the huge story about the 400 children in State custody, then mostly returned to their so-called 'families'-- well- the story just slipped away. Maybe because it was about the time Mit Romney was running for president? i could see why they put Big Love on hold for awhile until that story died down. Can't imagine where its going next- but i definitely will be tuning in.

I think we will be seeing a forth wife by the end of this season. If not that, then some major conflict surrounding the possibility.
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Hey Pork Store- long time since we exchanged a conversation. ANd you're so right- the issue of a fourth was major- but also so was the idea that Number One was re-thinking her whole participation. Maybe we'll get a sideline story about another defection -as in real life stories that were all over the cable news shows when the children in TX were taken into custody. Margene is definitely in it for good at this point.

The kids will have grown so much since they last filmed- that will be a bit of a disconnect when i watch old eps to catch up right before the new season starts. I hope their teenage daughter breaks free. What a life...

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Long overdue hello back to you Badabellisima!
badabellisima wrote:Anyone catch the Season premier? It was incredible- and what an ending! Don't want to put out spoilers-- but that was pretty funny seeing Margene learning to speak that Native American dialect, with her headphones, walking thru the kitchen!
That was awesome. I love Margene and it was great to see her save Bill's ass.

It seems that we were both right about the forth wife plot. I'm sad about Barb and I don't like them rushing the issue of her cancer coming back. She just seemed to strong to me and I didn't like the fact that she suddenly shifted to wanting another wife. I understand the afterlife big family thing, just didn't think it fit her character(Boss Lady).

Nikki is starting to get on my nerves. I had sympathy for her and look at her now! Using Margene's name and spying for her father. She's putting the entire family at risk.


Who told the neighborhood about Nikki?
It can't be Carl and Pam. That's just to easy. I'm thinking it has to do with the main Morman Church. Remember those bike kids she confronted in the frist season?

What is so great about Ana anyway?
If Barb is possible dying wouldn't her motherly instinct investigate Ana more? Maybe she is an alcoholic or a use to do donkey shows back in the day.

Alby can fight off a knife caring redneck twice his size? Really?
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LOL!! Heya Porkstore- nice to hear from you! Yeah you are so right about the Barb thing. She was clearly going one direction the previous season, not sure if i buy into her turnaround due to the threat of cancer, especially since Ana doesn't seem thaaat amazing. i sure hope they don't write Barb out too quick, or do a prolonged and too-slow agonizing end to her character. Maybe it will turn out to be a false alarm.

And as for who outed the family- well, i thought last season that they were insinuating that Roman ratted them out somehow. i still don't understand why Nikki keeps doing potentially really harmful stuff to the family, but then is portrayed as so representative of the virtuous orthodox mormon. She isn't a team player so to speak, at all. And yet she's supposed to be behind the multiple-wives thing. Its so contradictory. Airheaded Margene- and who could not love her!- is the most pure-hearted about it. Simple and completely comfortable with herself, she just blows off those nasty comments from Nikki! i just don't see how they get along with Nikki at all. Maybe they need to write her character some different lines that would make her more endearing.

One things for sure, i can't wait until next week!

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i am still reeling from that incredible episode last night! So many twists and new plots. i've gotta say i was surprised at Nikki's "enlightenment" at the end- if thats what you would call it! Still not sure about Barb's position- is it really believable? Now that she seems to have a reprieve- will she feel so sentimental about having a fourth to increase the family numbers? i just wasn't buying that last scene of Ana being all happy and joyful with the babies when they came to her house for the indoor picnic. But i guess even a polygamist family is entitled to the sort of greased-lens romanticism of their equivalent of Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to Beaver...

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well, i do realize that not too many probably read this thread- but i just had to post about how once again they have gone beyond imagination in how amazing this last episode was! They have jammed it with lots of storylines and subplots, yet kept it all together and it never felt like it dragged. I almost thought a second season might get anti-climactic with such a weird theme, but it has gotten better and better with each episode. i can't believe i find myself caring so much about polygamists and their offspring! Most of it seems so unlikely- but still it is so compelling. And not in a gratuitous or tabloidy way. That crazy mother of bill's- reminds of how fantastic Livia was. i cannot imagine anyone else pulling off that role. DOes anyone think her creepy husband will be dead by next episode? i can't believe i am even concerned about it, but i am! i mean, i kinda hope so! Gads! what has happened to me! Big Love?! Me? Getting into Big Love? Oh well! It's Great Television.

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Yeah, Sunday was a wild ride. This season they are starting everything off with a bag. It could go in so many different directions from here. It seemed that tonight's episode must of had at least one new writer. It had such a morose atmosphere with all the talk of suicide or sexual abuse. Yet is had a dark wit to it. Very different from earlier episodes but I loved it.

I don't see Lois killing Frank. He's such a great character. I think this plot will probably play out over a couple more episodes. She can't very well let him go without putting herself in danger. Not sure how that will work out.

Rhonda is nuts. No one should trust anything that comes out of her mouth. She will end up screwing the Henricksons over in some fashion.

That sense with Barb and Ana was sort of strange. It kinds of seemed she was coming towards Barb in a sexual manner. akward!
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i completely agree with you. There is something a bit off about Ana- but maybe thats part of the curiosity- i mean- what's up with the sister-wife concept anyway? Maybe to put up with another women sleeping with your husband implies a bit of a sense of menage a trois? And the way one of the wives initiates the date? hmmmm. i guess i'll just stay in denial about that part!

As for Lois and Frank- now that i think about it- i guess i don't want him dead- he's too good in the show to lose now! Lois could still manage to steal scenes all by herself, but Frank adds plenty of extra spice to her peculiar brand of revenge. i still don't quite understand why she stays on that compound in such poverty. Why can't Bill set her up more comfortably elsewhere?
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