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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum (again), but I just thougt the boss would be interested to see that someone (me) has used her name in a forum about the show FNL on NBC in an EZBoard Sucks forum.

Please let me know if this was a bad thing to do and I will delete the info over there. BTW, I used a fake nick (Bloomick) over there.

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I didn't see a link to what you posted, although I'm at a loss to know what I have to do with Friday Night Lights. I never went to high school football games even when I was IN high school.:smile:
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Hi splish,

I think I happened upon it one night. I had certainly seen it advertised. And I saw the movie (which I rated very average, at best) when it was on Encore one night.

But, to be perfectly honest, the whole scenario of the series doesn't appeal to me. I'm not saying I wouldn't like it, but there would be an uphill battle for me right off the bat because I'm just not interested per se in a serial drama that centers on today's youth, especially one that centers around the politics and cutthroat social caste system of high school, athletics, cliques, and all that stuff, all of which I presume are the focus of this show. I'm even more skeptical when it's being done with a network sensibility where we can expect ample use of music montages, a plethora of beautiful young bodies in scant clothing making out, and a glorification of high school football that is beyond the absurd glorification that is already promulgated in local media and on high school campuses themselves.

NBC is, afterall, the same network whose chief sent out an angry letter a few years back decrying the Sopranos for ruining television because of all the sex, violence, and cursing. He then proceeded to whine because NBC couldn't feature those same elements with the same freedom.:confused: Talk about duplicity and ignorance . . .

The most interesting thing I've seen recently that focussed on youth was the last season of the Wire. It was the first time I watched that series, and, I must say, I now see why it's generated so much critical praise. It's no where near the Sopranos, of course, but quite well done in its own ugly, gritty way.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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You are largely correct about the focus of the show. But the essential characteristic is much like The Sopranos - a high quality effort. The Sopranos is not really all about the mob and it's certainly not about nude dancers at the Bing. I think the only way for you to make up you own mind about it is to give it a try - maybe even a tiny sampling for a small number of shows.

It's hard to imagine, but the main focus is not really about the problems surrounding youth or the issues involved in today's high schools. I guess I'm repeating myself but that would be like saying the issues involved in TS are those that relate to OC or New Jersey or the state of the Mental Health profession.

Unfortunately, I know how reluctant people are to try a new show when the episode descriptions make it seem to be about something that bores them. I know this because it's almost impossible to get me interested in a new show unless something about the episode descripions really grab me. I would just like to recommend you invest a few minutes into a small number of episodes and see for yourself.

Again, unfortunately, it took about a half-dozen episodes before this show finally clicked for me and I came around to the opinion that it is one of the best shows on TV today. I will fully understand if you decide to pass. But I hope you will give it a small try. The quality is so good that it seems to me that any adult would really enjoy it.

BTW, I read that FNL won a Peabody award for excellence in an entertainment series. from the press release. I don't know if that will whet your appetite. Unfortunately, I don't know hardly anything about the Peabody awards. Do you? ... 1&stop=501

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Well, your high recommendation certainly tempts me, although I can't imagine that I'll actually have the discipline or demeanor to watch it until the Sopranos is long over. What season/episode are they in now? Would I be able to rent DVDs to watch it from the beginning?
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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Just want to throw in another recommendation for this show. Splishak is right - it's not really about football, or high school. The show has made some interesting decisions in its second season, but the first season is exceptional for network TV, and has many inspired moments throughout. Coach Taylor and his wife Tami are the most wonderfully written and fully realized married couple depicted on TV since Tony and Carmela, and that is really, really saying something.

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i think FNL season 2 is one of the best shows around. it's transformation since season 1 has been quite something in that it has become contemplative unlike most other things. to any sopranos fan, who i know likes multi-dimensional characer, i would high recommend giving FNL a chance. If you like sport/football as well then you'll really love it!
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