Donnie Brasco

So I have just finished watching Donnie Brasco ( for like the umpteenth time) and it always amazes me how many coorelations the Sopranos took from this film. Does anyone have any input to this? From the trip to Miami, Lefty ( like Paulie) sitting on plastic covered furniture in his apartment, and the sopranos cast members always akes this a fun film.......

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I thought the unglamorous drudgery of these crooks trying to eek out a living with the worst kinds of scores -- a parking meter, for example -- had some resonance with the low level crooks on the Sopranos.

What I remember most in the Sopranos connection is what a big deal the movie made of the terms "our friend"/"friend of ours" versus "my friend"/"friend of mine" in distinguishing between made and non-made guys. This, I felt, was a critical clue to understanding The Test Dream, and I've since watched mob documentaries that confirm the use of those terms as code for made/unmade guys. Even the Sopranos makes use of the terms numerous other times.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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How about Donnie refusing to take his shoes off in the japanese restaurant, Similar to Pussy not wanting to take his clothes off in the schvitz. Both for fear of being caught wearing a wire Interesting that both scenes had an ethnic correlation. (Japanese restaurant, Russian bath house).....
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