In The Loop - With James Gandolfini

Hello all, this is my first post here but I have been very much enjoying reading the reviews of each episode of the soprano's after watching. Thanks for the insights... :)

Anyways, onto the reason for my post. Anyone else catch in the loop yet?

I saw it recently and thought it was excellent. Really really funny.

James Gandolfini played a part in it and just wondered what others thought of his acting/role in the movie?
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Re: In The Loop - With James Gandolfini

Hey :icon_biggrin:

Its a political comedy which is based on the political wranglings between the UK and the US leading up to the decision to invade Iraq.

I can't remember his exact title, but Gandolfini plays the role of a General who is quite high up in the higherarchy of the US goverment.

This type of film is usually not my bag, but because JG was in it, and I'd heard good reviews, I gave it a go and really enjoyed it. Found it to be pretty hilarious to be honest.

You can view a trailer here if your interested :)

Gandolfini doesn't play a huge role but it is certainly interesting seeing him play someone other than TS post Soprano's...
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