Basketball Diaries

Watched this film last night and was pleasantly surprised to find three Sopranos cast members playing stellar roles pre Sopranos. Laurainne Bracco, Michael Imperioli. and Vincent Pastori all star in this film. Interestingly enough the film focuses on addiction to heroin. It makes you wonder if the casting director saw this film before casting the Sopranos. Great acting by Imperioli in a stellar movie that Leo Decaprio deserved an Oscar for IMHO!
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Re: Basketball Diaries

Saw the movie years ago. Don't remember much about it, although I do recall Bracco as the mother. I totally forgot Imperioli was in it. And I still can't recall seeing Pastore, LOL.

I remember Imperioli playing a drug addict in another small film where he had the lead, well before Sopranos. Can't recall the title, but he made an impression on me in that movie.

FYI, Silvio, I'll go ahead and move this to the film section so others interested in discussing movies will be more likely to see it.:icon_wink:
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