the soprano's(the early years)

I was thinking that seeing as that one of the major reasons the show finished was because of the huge earnings the stars were commanding ,the best way to fix this would be to have the sopranos set in the late 70's and 80's , approximately 10 to 15 years before the original is set. That way they could get a whole new cast to play the same characters but younger versions of them.I think it would be awesome to see Tony as a young punk on his way up and see all the things he got up to in his younger days.Also we'd get to see him meet and marry Carmela and get to see all the other characters such as Paulie Sylvio ,Pussy and crew as a young crew .We'd also get to see the relationships they all had with the other characters that popped into the show such as Ritchie Aprile and all the others that popped up . Also being set in the mafia's heyday of the 70's and 80's would add appeal to the show as well.Basically it would be awesome to see all the stories that paulie ,tony and the rest of the crew talk about when they get nostalgic and it would make for interesting viewing and would be an instant hit.

Re: the soprano's(the early years)

I think this could work, I would love to see a series or mini-series/HBO-Movie about Johnny Boy's and Junior's time in the mafia. I always thought the actors that played both were fantastic in their small roles, and I always wanted to see something more from this old-time crew. You could also have someone play Feech LaManna, Dickie Moltisanti, and I'd love to see some involvement from the New York families from around this time.
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