What if we asked David Chase to post on here or chat here wi

I remeber awhile back the idea of having a face to face meeting with Chase floated around and apparently went away. It is understandable. Maybe expectations were too high. Maybe Fly, you cloud use the same connection to Chase to get him to post on this site. Maybe I sound crazy but it was just an idea I had all of the sudden. Sometimes they are good, some times they are garbage. Either way it's interesting for me to wonder what he and Fly might say.
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Re: What if we asked David Chase to post on here or chat her

The meeting went away because he had a problem with several proposed dates and didn't seem inclined to commit (through my contact, at least) far enough in advance to make the organization I had in mind practical. I could have pushed more, for sure, but that's not my style, and I sensed that the interest of a few that had been high on the event before (e.g., chaseisgod and myself, for two) waned after the finale.

It's something I may revisit at some point if there's enough interest, but I would have to have a firm commitment from him for a date several months in advance before I would undertake it.

I was told that he had visited the site in the past, and my contact has certainly visited here. But I'm sure that Chase has no interest in posting, else he would have done so (and I'm pretty sure he hasn't registered as anyone else. :icon_neutral:) I'm sure he was interested in audience opinion and reaction, but I just don't see Chase as the kind of person who would come on a message board to discuss/defend/explain his work. I sense that he is trying to put some distance between himself and the Sopranos for the time being and is more interested in looking forward than backward.

I would certainly consider it an honor if he did show up, though, and would welcome him warmly right before bombarding him with some tough questions.:icon_razz:
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