Re: Who could've conspired to kill Tony?(supposing Tony gets

I don't think Angie had anything to do with T's death--if that's what happened. It seemed to me that she came to T for permission to run Puss's bodyshop, so I'm assuming that the money she puts out on the street is probably only done so at his permission.

One person I thought about that could have a legitimate axe to grind is a character that's only mentioned by Dr. Kupferberg, Little Auggie Aprile, who is apparently an associate of the Family at the very least. Assuming he's an Aprile from the same line as Jackie and Richie, Auggie has a pretty good reason to want T dead: Richie, Jackie Jr. and Adriana (who I think was Richie's niece).

Re: Who could've conspired to kill Tony?(supposing Tony gets

It would have been Butchie and the Lupertazzi family. Do you guys really think they were going to let Tony continue on after all that went on in season 6? They used him to get rid of Phil, but there's no way a New York family is going to give him a pass after he pistol whipped Coco and put a loaded gun to the head of Butchie (who more than likely became the new boss of the family after Phil).
New Jersey needed to be put in their place and Tony would be seen to be getting a little too big for his britches. No way Butchie and company let Tony continue on, especially after the Coco incident. Plus even if they gave Tony the whereabouts of Phil to take him out, it was obvious Tony was going to take out Phil with or without their help. A major New York family NEVER would let a New Jersey boss get away with that...NEVER.

Re: Who could've conspired to kill Tony?(supposing Tony gets

Sonny Tatts wrote:Among the remaining characters by the end of the series, I can't see any of his captains having the kind of ambition necessary to want to take over from him. Any conspiracy to kill TS would have been limited to New York mobsters.

just my own opinion, of course.
I agree. In the moment, Paulie could whack Tony, but have never shown the long term planning to conspire and execute it.
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