Now we just have to come up with the perfect actors to play the younger versions of Tony (someone muscular, beefy), Camela, Silvio, et. al. They could have fun with Pauie (Nick DiPaolo, maybe).

Re: The movie is "in the works"(!)

A prequel would make more sense to me than, "let's capitalize on all this finale-buzz and follow up right after Tony looks up from his menu at the diner". That would just really rub me the wrong way.

Even a prequel still kind of begs the question: are they doing this to just cash in on The Sopranos franchise? I mean, what more are they trying to say with these characters that they weren't able to say in the prior 86 hours?

Like UP said, it would really take a phenomenal concept for this to work.

Re: prequel

Trblebound wrote:Now we just have to come up with the perfect actors to play the younger versions of Tony (someone muscular, beefy), Camela, Silvio, et. al. They could have fun with Pauie (Nick DiPaolo, maybe).
I was just wondering about the same thing. The way they brilliantly picked Robert De Niro to play Vito Corleone is hard to top- he was perfectly cast. i'm really having a hard time imagining who could credibly be a young Tony or even young Carm. How 'bout an Eddie Munster look-alike for young Paulie- complete with silvery wings like Grandpa Munster! :smile:

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What if it was like GF II with an intermixing of flashbacks and new storyline. Like a history of the Jersey crew mixed with the final ending of it all. Maybe even have a few cameos from guys like Deniro or Pacino as New York Bosses or something. Or get Ray Liotta to act a part in it.
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

Re: The movie is "in the works"(!)

Now THAT is exactly what i hope they do! Cameos from the Great Ones would really top it off. The way they made Christopher give that poor kid a shot foot in reminiscence of Goodfellas would be a prime example for other references and throwbacks that could be put in using either cameos or actual regular full roles for some of the famous mobsters of yesteryear. Old Storylines that were hinted upon could really be developed, if not actually resolved. For example, whatever it was that led to Junior thinking he had buried his stash- there were a lot of unanswered questions about his deal with Pussy Malango- they could elaborate on that alone, showing him as a younger man, actually burrying the treasure or sending it to a swiss account or something, in cahoots with other characters that were only briefly mentioned or long forgotten. Like those eerie characters with the blind sister serving Caraval that were gonna do the hit, that had former dealings with the family. They were short and sweet, but oh so awesome in a creepy way! Or how 'bout Big Carmine's rise to power and how Little Carmine might become (in our fictional 8th season) a rat -could be another parallel angle to explore. So many angles, so little time!

Re: The movie is "in the works"(!)

Well, here it is: ... /800035087
The manager of Satin Dolls — aka the Lodi, New Jersey, flesh palace that doubled as the Bada Bing! (and which I drive past, but always past, every day on the way to the quarry) — tells that he has put off renovating the club because he got a call from someone working on a script for a Sopranos feature film. Asked about the buzz by the New York Daily News, David Chase seemed most skeptical, while an HBO spokesperson tells the movie talk is "categorically not true."

Re: The movie is "in the works"(!)

Yeah, it did seem really soon to be talking about a movie. But for the reasons you stated earlier, Fly, there appeared to be a real air of truth to this (the guy apparently shelving his renovation plans, the HBO "no comment").

What I don't get is why this Nick D’Urso would fabricate such a story just to keep his business in the news. Wouldn't he know the media would seek confirmation from Chase within days, only to debunk the entire ruse?

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