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I think after making essentially 86 "movies" not shows, that why make another "movie" with a show that is essentially a bunch of mini films. The show could never be about the present or future Sopranos. The movie idea I think is bogus. Chase ended our 86 hour movie marathon on 6\10\07. No prequel either. I think in a way Chase would want to move away from that kind of mafia themed project. Im sure hes done just about everything one could to furfill every nook and cranny of the mafia mythology and story. The series is sort of a Codex of Italian, Mafia, and Immigrant mythology and mysticism. It's done. Beowolf had an ending, too, and they never had to write a Beowolf II did they? Let us pray that they never commit the holy sin of making a movie or I would have to commit the holy sin of buying a ticket and watching it after all my cynicism towards the idea!
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

Re: Ideas For The Film

I'd love to see the LaMana take-down as well, that would be great to finally put a visual to the legend. In fact, I don't think I'd mind a prequel at all. If it was well-cast, I might actually enjoy it, despite the lack of Gandolfini (which would be a huge obstacle for the film to overcome).

Having said that, I'm rooting against it being produced. Chase has said several times already that he really has no interest in doing a movie, and that everyone associated with the show has "moved on". I'm not implying that people are never allowed to change their minds, but I would rather Chase stick to his guns, let the story remain finished, and chalk any new ideas up to missed opportunities for the series. I'd also like to think of my favorite television creator that he'd be above conceiving a new storyline for the movie just for the cash.

Back on the other hand, a film certainly would revive the ailing Chase Lounge, and give us all something to speculate over and anticipate (even if some of us were more curious than excited, exactly). It would be fun to do that again.

It'll probably never happen, though.

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