I apologize. Perfect post :) yes I definitely remember Paulie saying that — Levity is perhaps the best infusion here, especially coming from Paulie walnuts. Thank you for sharing, my friend. I am looking forward to reading all of your posts from before.


The following is from a recent PM sent to FlyOnMelfisWall. Almost all of the following information was on Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock & Corey Goode, on the channel Gaia. More information available at:

Some additional information I wanted to provide which I considered helpful:

1. "The Event" is -- "The Great Solar Flash" happening around ~2020 not earlier than that.. for soul ascension to take place. For those who will be ready by that time. If not ready, Evolution should happen at our Natural pace, we should not rush/slow it down, as you have so wonderfully pointed out to me in the last PM you sent me :)). In my posts i put 2018 but i will change it to ~ 2020 - 2023, but of course we can never be sure.

2. The film 2001 A space odyssey was about "The Great solar flash" as well as exposing:
The Cabal/The Reptilians, but in ways that made Kubrick look like he was on the side of the Freemasons/Cabal. Kubrick is a hero to Humanity in my view.

3. The following Link is perhaps the Best [& longest] interpretation of 2001 A space odyssey which I have encountered. I only came across it recently and thus only read some of the main highlights so far. It is titled 2001 analysis by Rob Ager in case the following link doesn't work.

Here is the link: ... 20new.html

4. looking up Nikola Tesla/Donald Trump relationship, revealed a lot of truths for me.

5. 2001: A Space odyeesy is littered with hints about the illuminati, ascension etc., and 9/11 = fear = keeping us in this false matrix for their own (Reptilians') gain. David Chase obviously thought the film 2001: A Space Odyssey was an important film -- Chase's series as we know of course is sprinkled with Stanley Kubrick references throughout.

Connections made between almost all Kubrick films in his series the sopranos -- -- from Full Metal Jacket to Dr. Strangelove to even The Shining.

Let's Look at Some examples below:

5.11 The Test Dream
"Some of Chase’s tracking shots at the Plaza Hotel reminded me of Kubrick’s camerawork at the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. But I don’t necessarily think that Chase is making a conscious reference to Kubrick’s film. The real parallel between this episode and The Shining may be the staggering amount of 'armchair analysis' that viewers have done for both of these works. (For an interesting chronicle of the various theories and interpretations that some hardcore Shining fans have come up with, see the documentary Room 237.)"
6.01 Member's Only
"Corrado watches Paths of Glory, my favorite Kubrick film, on his TV. The movie is about a group of WWI soldiers who get royally screwed by the conflicting politics of their various military commanders, and perhaps the parallel here is that Gene Pontecorvo gets fucked by the policies of both the mob and the FBI."

2.08 Full Leather Jacket
"Richie had earlier made a big show of presenting the coat to Tony: “It’s the jaackkett…the jacket I took off Rocco DiMeo…cocksucker had the toughest reputation in Essex County but he never came back after I got through with him.” The jacket’s provenance imbues it with an almost mythological significance for Richie. Chase generates the title of this episode from the combination of this leather jacket, the metal casings from Christopher’s shoot-out, and the name of Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 film: though Richie Aprile places much importance in the jacket, Tony Soprano doesn’t. David Chase demonstrates, once again, that what is significant to one person is not necessarily significant to someone else. Things don’t have an absolute value in SopranoWorld – it’s all relative."
6.21 Made In America
"Dropping acid and watching 2001 a space odyssey was the best times of my life." - Chase

"The final episode was believe it or not sort of based on [the scenes] from 2001 a space odyssey" - Chase

** All statements/images connecting Chase/Kubrick above taken from ron at and/or silviomancini through his excellent post on this discussion forum. There is obviously a lot more which would take too much time to post here.**

Now let's look at some David Chase/Corey Goode Connections, which were entirely coincidental yet revealed the truth for us:

5.08 Marco Polo
“So your a doctor like Kissinger‘s a doctor?”
We remember Tony saying that to Russ Figoli from Hugh Deangelis’s 75th birthday party in this episode.

Russ Figoli is “fake” or has “multiple identities” or “multiple names” or “multiple heads” in at least the following ways:

a. “What the (curse word) are you crying about?” Carmela says to her mother. Russ Figoli is not as “decent” as Carmela’s mother claims.

b. Russ Figoli is actually secretly a father of someone he does not know he is a father of (in the show). Russ Figoli is actually secretly Paulie’s father. His and Paulie’s stories about his father “Russ” line up.

c. “An Italian who is allergic to pomodoro. You have my sympathies.” - father Phil to Russ.

d. “So your a doctor like Kissinger's a doctor?” He is not a ‘real doctor,’ he is fake [I’m not saying here that any PhDs or diplomats are fake of course, just using the words in context here, as Chase has set it up].

Corey Goode: “Gonzales and his Security Team came out into a hall way and it seemed empty and quiet except the Security/IE’s motioned down the hall with hand signals where they felt the awaiting delegation. When they were most of the way to the end of the hall Gonzales saw a very familiar person. He said this person had to have seen the look on his face and his gaping open mouth. This person introduced himself with his thick accent, droopy eyes and curly white hair. Gonzales said this guy had created so many think tanks, global organizations and advised more U.S. Presidents than anyone he could think of. This person is very well known as a supporter of the New World Order and Depopulation Programs.

Corey Goode describing above a meeting that occurred with his good friend Gonzalez and the Reptilians — In which Kissinger was at the meeting, on the side with the Reptilians. More precisely, (I believe) he is reptilian himself -- shapeshifting. One of his books is even titled: World Order.

The New World Order; The Illuminati; The Reptilians; And the MANY other names they are known by — these names are “fake.” The real name for them, and what we should call them by is:

Criminal Syndicates

Because that’s what they truly are. They made up these other names to confuse people.

6. David Chase makes connections to so much more filmography and to the arts and everything else -- than Just to Stanley Kubrick -- of course.

He makes connections to almost anything I can think of.

However, the importance of Kubrick's work, in particular to the final episode -- and to ascension, reincarnation, 9/11, the cabal, the after-life, Dante's inferno -- is just exemplary.

I am also excited for David Chase's upcoming work, the prequel movie to The Sopranos, which he has officially announced recently in March 2018, and it is titled:

The Many Saints of Newark

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