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Why so important?
There are seven known Chakras [Energy Centers] within our physical body. One of them being the Pineal Gland.

More Importance/Significance:
"Ra (/rɑː/) Ancient Egyptian: is the ancient Egyptian sun god. By the Fifth Dynasty in the 25th and 24th centuries BC, he had become a major god in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the noon sun."

What is another name for our SUN in this galaxy? -- "SOL"

The Law of One. By - Ra - a Highly-Evolved-Being communicating with humans through their meditation in the 1980’s.

Every statement begins with “I am Ra.”

Ra, being from the density of unity, sees all these activities as “the Creator knowing Itself” and, as Ra says:

”I am Ra. In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar or somewhat like entities or things. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light; light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.”

”I am Ra. The larger [Egyptian] pyramids were built by our ability using the forces of One. The stones are alive. It has not been so understood by the mind/body/spirit distortions of your culture. The purposes of the pyramids were two:

Firstly, to have a properly oriented place of initiation for those who wished to become purified or initiated channels for the Law of One.

Two, we wished then to carefully guide the initiates in developing a healing of the people whom they sought to aid and the planet itself. Pyramid after pyramid charged by the crystal and initiate were designed to balance the incoming energy of the One Creation with the many and multiple distortions of the planetary mind/body/spirit. In this effort we were able to continue work that brothers within The Confederation had effected through building of other crystal-bearing structures and thus complete a ring, if you will, of these about the Earth’s, as this instrument would have us vibrate it, surface.”
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EVERYTHING HERE, In terms of Knowledge, Spirituality - is Connected, Beyond even my own possible Imagination - after writing everything.

2nd post - “Highly-Evolved Beings” taken from:
a. A DNA ACTIVATION YouTube Video Transcript.
b. DivineCosmos Website -- of which David Wilcock is a member of.
c. 2001: A Space Odyssey.
d. The Sopranos.

DNA ACTIVATION - a lot of material comes from COSMIC DISCLOSURE with Corey Goode & David Wilcock.

2001: A Space Odyssey, The Sopranos, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage -- all connected through previous post proof.

COSMIC DISCLOSURE WITH COREY GOODE AND DAVID WILCOCK, probably one of the most intelligent transcripts I have read/ or watched in terms of television episodes of -- literally just 2 people talking - available on the channel “Gaia.”

David Wilcock a member of the Divine Cosmos website, which is where I cited Post 2 "Highly-Evolved Beings" from -- and he is also the one who interviews Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure.

Steve Buscemi playing Tony Blundetto/Family Member of Tony Soprano/Family Member of Kevin Finnerty in tony's coma-induced spiritualism.

Steve Buscemi/Tony Blundetto/Family Member of Kevin Finnerty/Tony Soprano at the "Light-House" in the Coma says: “your going home” but TONY REFUSES.

DAVID CHASE WAS CORRECT ——- Do Not Go Towards The Light ---- in a Near-Death or Physical-Death Experience. Instead, Turn Around and See What Other Options You Have.


It is not TRUE home.

The Light at near-death experience or at physical death - is a “Soul-Trap,” or “Soul-Net." It is designated to feed on our fears and keep us coming back to Earth to Re-Incarnate. It is not exactly “very bad” - but your Consciousness [which Lives after Death] - is the one you should trust. You should not trust the deceivers that have shown the - “Light” that we see.

They make us feel regretful of things that’s we’ve done/not done at the end of Life by using our own energies against us - using it to show our whole Lifetime in a “quick flash” and the “light.” This is not exactly taking our Free Will away from our soul/consciousness, but our consciousness/soul feels regretful and our “soul” chooses again to Reincarnate on Earth; in the “Matrix” or the "False Illusion" of Reality produced by these Controlling, Selfish-Beings and Groups that feed directly off of our energies/fears/emotions in order to sustain themselves more.

[These Beings/Groups are a combination of The Reptilians from the Draco Constellation, The Archons who have facilitated a Material Physical World of Reality upon us, and the Multiple Names of The Illuminati; The Cabal; The Global Elite; The Universal Elite; The New World Order; The NWO; The Secret Earth government syndicate].

We are not slaves. It’s time to stop acting like it. Let’s together Rise against the Snakes that have kept us in control, not by using Revenge against Them - but by instead using our Love to Accept Them into our Existence.

They have been feeding on Our Energies in order to sustain themselves more and more - as they are so far removed from Source [TheLawOfOne; God; InfiniteCreator; Female+MaleSoulCombine; The Divine; Creation; UnconditionalLove; TrueHome], that they must feed off our energies to sustain themselves.

Energy Cannot Be Created or Destroyed, only Shifted or Manipulated.

Let's Evolve Together. Let's Realize that No One Can Control Us.

Let's instead say to Ourselves: I have power over all of my experiences, my thoughts, my reality, my energies. I am Divine. I am Creation. I am the Universe.

Everything runs on energy; and more specifically, vibrational shifts of those energies (aka Vibrations; Frequency Changes; Karma; Consciousness).

To put it another way, as I have understood it:

"The Law Of One" aka
"Karma" aka
"Karmic Law Of All Creation"

Let's say to ourselves also:

All Great minds and especially the Highly Evolved Beings as of right now -- from Nikola Tesla to Jesus Christ -- to Mary Magdalene -- to archangel Michael -- to all knowledge going back to ancient times -- knew that the Universe runs on energy.

There is a "Divine spark" within oneself, so to speak. Gnosis is [aka] Knowledge. But it doesn't have to be just knowledge. Even without the knowledge,
the most important thing is Unconditional Love.

We are all One Creation.

Letting go, gradually of "Ego," and Forgiving Ourselves first and Others for everything and anything, is the way to Vibrate Higher. Let's Release our Karma. Let it go. And maybe walk in Nature a little more. And be kind to ourselves and to Others.

We may think we need to "judge" these beings that have kept us in control. We may think we should "judge" Terrorists, and get our "due revenge." However, Godessence;Source;Home, DOES NOT JUDGE.

These Beings have their own individual journey ahead of them; there should be no comparisons between Life. And we are all equal, No Matter What. This is the Law of One.

We should not judge - but rather take all the negative density and turn it higher -- into higher energies -- and we should be thankful for the pain and suffering we have lived with in this Life and Past Lives -- because the ILLUSION is the ultimate teacher for the Truth.

Benevolence is on it’s way for us, for humanity. The higher-energies/powers as well as "The Event Horizon" are coming soon, according to ALL of the spiritual community. Not one spiritual source denies or questions that it is coming -- Spring/Fall or Winter 2018. But it could be later, let's not take it as a complete and rigid date, as everything depends on the changing energies around and within us. Corey Goode has been an amazing whistleblower about the Disclosure within our shared Universe.

I enjoyed Listening to this 15 min. Video. As the higher energy in the video states: “I don’t ask anyone just to blindly believe this - if it resonates, it resonates.” This video will explain a lot of the above, if you do choose to believe it:

We all have our own path - No One is “behind “ or “ahead.”

Corey Goode on Cosmic Disclosure talking to David Wilcock:

Side Note: Goode and Gonzalez are both humans, they are known to be intuitive empaths (IE). When Corey Goode was with Ra on the Moon --- Ra informed him (Corey Goode) and the audience at the meeting --- about the “soul trap” or "soul net" on Earth. It completely made sense to me, but some people got frustrated when they heard the response by Ra. Along with Corey Goode, other humans from Earth that were in this meeting on the moon included Gonzalez, and certain military people from the Secret Space Program.

Partial Transcript from Cosmic Disclosure:
Corey Goode: One of the few esoteric questions was asked by one of the [Earth] military people, which was strange to come from a military person. They asked . . . this is a question. This is something that goes around, so they must have access to some information on the Internet: "Is there a soul trap set up for us after we die?"

David Wilcock: A soul trap?

CG: Yeah, a soul trap. And since then Gonzalez said he was referring to a white . . . there’s a soul trap white light that people are talking about when you die. If you go to the white light, you get stuck in some incarnation soul trap or something.

DW: Well Art Bell was saying that all the way back in the ‘90s. Don’t go to the light. It’s a trap.

CG: Right, well that’s what this question was referring to. I really didn’t know what it was talking about at the time.

And the answer came back from Ra Tier-Eir:

"I am Ra. The only traps we encounter in life and after are the ones we have set for ourselves. The idea that there is a soul trap at the end of a white light was a PSYOP and a distortion set in place that we can then create with the creative force of our consciousness. This is the intent of the creation of this distortion."

CG: See, this is how they talk. It’s very frustrating.

DW: Did they ever explain to you why they have to communicate that way?

CG: No, they don’t.

DW: What do they tell you if you try to get more specific?

CG: They just continue on with what they were planning on talking about. Sometimes I’ll ask a question, and if it’s not pertinent or whatever, they just keep on going.

The person asking the question did not seem satisfied with the explanation. But that was pretty much the end of it, of the questions I wrote down when I came home. I just wrote down after that most of the questions were of technical and tactical subjects that I had no idea of what they were asking or what I was . . . the content of what I was repeating back.

DW: In general, what do you think the Secret Space Program [aka Military Humans from Earth] was expecting out of these Sphere Beings [aka The Sphere Being Alliance; which is composed of Ra and other benevolent ETs that are helping Earth with Evolution]? Are they expecting military support to be able to create Full Disclosure breakdown of secrecy so that . . . What were they wanting?

CG: In the beginning, I think they were expecting what a lot of people out there are expecting. They were expecting them to come in and kick butt and take names. They were expecting them to come in and be saviors, to come in and give them technologies to – offensive technologies – to wipe out the enemy, or to come and take these off-world beings off in shackles, and to help come down and take the elite out.

But they were disappointed as well. And they were dumbfounded that they expected this to be a fully military . . . they were military people, military minded.

And them coming in with this, what they called a hippie message of love and forgiveness and raising your consciousness, just did not compute to these people with the way they think. So a lot of them were very concerned and very taken back.

DW: When you say there were a lot of technical questions that you didn’t really understand, was the overall gist of it seeming that they were trying to enhance their war footing and have tactical strategy?

CG: Yes, it was tactical, and it had to do with offensive capabilities and wanting to use their ability to know future events, all these different temporal kind of questions, things that were far above my head in understanding, because I didn’t know all of the logistics going on that they had going on behind the scenes. So I didn’t have any base of reference of why they were asking the questions.

DG: And the Blue Avian said – Ra Tier-Eir said – that there’s a tsunami of energy coming into our solar system?

CG: And since then, he said that these energy waves are coming in like ebbing and flowing. They’re coming in in waves, as our solar system, our local star cluster, is in the torsion field of the galaxy as we are entering this area of the galaxy, this high energetic area of the galaxy.

Instead of “attacking” or “fighting” or “getting rid” of the “evil,” - our goal is - FORGIVENESS AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL, no matter who it is. As we raise our frequency and vibrations and energies in this way — that energy is felt in the Universe — allowing others to feel it as we help others — no matter who it is — to be higher consciousness and forgiving — we are all One.

For example, the terrorists in our world have been brought down by lower- frequenciy- beings who fed off their energy. These people are completely asleep and they judge/blame/survival/fear/big ego/ constantly projecting things that are not real/ they are absolutely convinced that the Matrix they live in is the only reality, they don’t even take a spiritual thought to at least be considered, let alone be accepted.

Understanding that Time is not real and that no one is “above” or “below” anyone —— just at different energies —- is the key to the next step in Evolution. :)

One form of Life is not "greater" or "lesser" to any other form of Life. We are all connected as One. We are One with the Earth. We are One with all animals, plants, and Creatures.

Even the rocks, minerals, everything on Earth -- contain vibrations of energy. Simply because these objects are inanimate does not mean there is isn't a Larger Picture here of vibrations and consciousness within EVERYTHING around us. I know that is difficult to take in, but nobody is forced to take it in. Feeling it is much easier than understanding it "Logically".

Gratitude for everything around us -- Example: for the gift of oil from the Earth -- which makes our cars run, is something to be grateful of.

All animals, plants, creatures contain a part of our soul within them. We are One with them from this explanation AS WELL AS the Scientific explanation in which our DNA is connected; it is almost an exact match (98% - 99%) to every single form of Life on Earth, there is no separation. We are made up of all the same elements, which are also alive and contain consciousness. PRIME CREATOR made this for all of us; we are all fragmented parts of a whole, we are all ONE.

The wave is coming very soon. I don't know when. All I know is that it's Confirmed by different spiritual sources. Virtually by EVERYONE who has found the God-consciousness within them, it is confirmed.

And that it is going to be a positive event for Humanity, instead of something to be fearful of.

Truth = Love. Whereas The opposite of Love is not hate, I would argue. The opposite of Love is FEAR & lack of truth & Remorse, to a varying degree.

Do not believe all of this be “truth” — no one is forcing this — please think for yourself. Individual Discernment manifests from Love for yourself. If you do not see that all Life is Connected —- do not over-force the understanding. And if you have been awakened fully —- do not interfere with somebody else’s spiritual growth by forcing your beliefs. Plant small seeds over time. And back off when sincerely asked to do so. Come back when their energy is asking for help.

Everyone is on their own life path. This is not a straight line. Love is vulnerability. We need to be vulnerable first— to be fearful first — in order to build Unconditional Love, God-Essenece, and Connect-dness to All life within Ourselves.

Don’t lose your soul by doing what others want. Do what you feel. Seek knowledge. Get rid of the fear of standing out. Get rid of the fear of being “offensive” — if you feel within yourself that what you project is true, then you are not wrong. No matter what anyone says. I had an “argument” with my immediate family this past week because I am feeling the higher vibrations — and they are not.

They do not understand fully what I am doing. But I do not need to prove anything which i feel is right for me. I saw a psychiatrist, only because they wanted me to go. I did not disagree, and actually wanted to go for myself. The Psychiatrist said —- after an hours’ worth of discussion during the session “you are extremely [mentally] healthy. Do what you feel is right for you —- as long it is healthy and not intrusive to others —- and do not let anyone stand in the way.” I did not discuss with The Psychiatrist everything that I felt; but instead only what I felt was right in the moment to say. He still has no idea about Everything that I feel.

What I am Trying to say -- People are afraid and offended because they have low vibrations. That is not their fault as we think it is; it is a by-product of unwanted groups feeding off of their, off of our, energies. It is no one's fault honestly. We must vibrate Lower First in order to Evolve Later. Take those vibrations within you — and turn in into Love. Forgiveness. And it will help others. Personal growth first. Unconditional Love for yourself first. Helping others will manifest as a by-product of that personal love and growth. Do not force anything. Love is the answer for everything. The Universe runs on Love.
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Self-care; not the same as selfish care.

Love yourself, forgive yourself.

As a natural by-product of that above: forgiveness to others for anything and everything becomes so easy. Unconditional Love becomes easier and easier.

Each of your cells in your body contain consciousness - Scientifically Proven by Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Superposition, and the Like.

You are - a vast Being - a universe within your physical body exists, where everything is interconnected and interdependent between all cells and tissues and organs and so on.

Much in the same way, each of us here on mother Gaia (aka planet earth) is interdependent and interconnected - forming a unified whole.

Much in the same way - the solar system functions in these multi-threaded frequencies of energies.

And so on and so on - until we realize that it is just Infinite, within ourselves and outside of ourselves.

"Beyond Science How to Talk to Your DNA"

"The illusion of reality The scientific proof everything is energy and reality isn’t real" ... NW&index=5

Transcript of above video "The illusion of reality The scientific proof everything is energy and reality isn’t real"

"Quantum physicists are discovering facts
about the world that we would never have
thought to be possible. The scientific
breakthroughs that have taken place in
the last few years are as significant to
our understanding of reality.

As with Copernicus's outline of the solar system,
the problem with many of us is simply that we do not
want to understand quantum physics, and this all
began roughly a hundred years ago when
physicists began challenging the
assumption that the physical space and
universe that we see around us is
not actually real.

Scientists decided that to
prove that reality was not in fact
simply an illusion, they had to discover
the employee particle -- and this would be
accomplished with innovations like the
Large Hadron Collider. This machine was
initially built to smash particles into
one another and this is where they made
the greatest discovery -- the physical
world is not as physical as we believe.

instead, everything around us is just
energy; and that reality is just energy.

We think of the atom as an organized group
of electrons and protons zooming around
a neutron -- but this figure is completely

The particles that make up an
atom have no structure or size, no
weight or physical presence; they have no
height, length, width, or weight, and are
nothing more than events in time. They
have zero dimensions.

Electrons also do not have a singular presence; they
are both a particle AND a wave simultaneously,
depending on how they are OBSERVED.

They are never in a single location at a
single moment and instead exist in
several moments at the same time.
Scientists also discovered what is known
as Quantum Superposition -- in which
several particles [aside from electrons] can be
proven to exist in multiple places at a
single moment.

What does all of this mean? It
means that the more we discover about
the subatomic world, the more we discover
that we know nothing about the true
nature of reality at all.

The Copenhagen interpretation.
Many scientists have come to the
Copenhagen interpretation as their
conclusion for understanding reality. The
Copenhagen interpretation comes from the
school of quantum mechanics, and it
believes that reality does not exist
without an observer to observe it; as
reality is nothing more than energy.

What gives us physicality if the
smallest parts of us have no physical
characteristics? The energy is just
consciousness; in other words,
when consciousness is
observing it.

This may be difficult to
understand but think of it this way: since
particles exist in several areas at the
same time -- then it must respond to an
observation -- by choosing to exist in a
singular location, therefore allowing the observer
to have an image to observe.

A growing number of researchers in this field
believe that reality exists only because
human consciousness wills it to exist by
interacting with the energy that makes
up the universe.

Understanding the universe as information.
Another mind-blowing discovery in quantum
physics is entanglement. Quantum Entanglement
is when a pair of particles have interacted
and have affected the spin of
the other particle.

What's strange is that once these two particles have
become tangled with one another, they can
never become untangled no matter - no matter
how far apart they are. The spin of one particle will always
affect the spin of the other.

Researchers have observed this in living cells
communicating over far distances.

In one famous experiment, researchers grew algae
cells in a petri dish. They then separated these cells
into two halves, taking one half to another
[different] laboratory.

What they found was that -- no
matter how much they separated the two
dishes -- a low voltage current applied on
one dish would always affect the cells
in the other dish in the exact same way,
at the exact same moment.

How is this possible? Understanding this requires
shifting the way we think of the universe. We
can no longer think of the universe as a
physical realm in which the things we
observe and sense are all that exists.

Instead, as famous physicist Sir Roger
theorized, we must envision the
universe as nothing but information. We
must believe that the physical universe
is just a product of an abstract
universe in which we are all connected
in an unobservable way, and information is
simply embedded into the physical
constructs of the physical universe but
is transmitted to our physical States
from the abstract realm.

First theorized by Greek philosopher Plato,
he famously stated what we observe the material
bodies and forces -- which are nothing but shapes
and variations in the structure of space particles -- and are
just appearances.

Simply put, everything
is nothing but energy.

In coping with a different reality, there are certain
questions and realizations you must come
to terms with after learning this true
state of reality.

You could obsess over the implications
indefinitely but here are a few to start with:

You have never touched anything
and you never will. The electrons that
make up your atoms repulse against the
electrons of other physical entities,
making it impossible for you to interact
with other material at the subatomic
level. If we are not touching anything,
then what is it that we feel when we
touch how is the world physical when the
building blocks that make it have no

How is anything real and what
does real mean, why is reality determined by

Additionally, Planck's constant tells us that our current Energy (aka our Soul and it's current Experience) is directly proportional to Frequency Changes that we are projecting out into the physical world via emotions and thoughts & desires (aka vibrational changes; "vibrations") through the following Physics equation:

Image ... orchsm.jpg

1. The Frequency = our Emotions, thoughts, etc.
2. The Energy that is within us = Soul, Reality, etc.
3. Through the true nature of Physics, Science, and Mathematics, Planck's constant tell us that freq. is proportional to energy.

To put it a different way: the Frequency [aka emotions, thoughts] which Tony is projecting out [i.e. to Janice and others] into the physical world comes back directly to him (simply b/c freq. is directly proportional to energy). And this frequency of emotions, thoughts etc. that he holds becomes his own Reality or Energy (aka his Soul and it's current Experience; Reality, Perceptions etc.).
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