How will MOG get away with it?

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I am firmly in the "Tony dies" camp, but there is one thing I dont understand...

Whats the deal with Tony being killed in front of so many witnesses? I know there were many cases on the show where people were killed in public places, but I do not think there was a murder (Presuming T did get hit) where the hitman took his time so much, sitting for a few minutes, therefore giving everyone at the diner time to remember his face, before proceeding to shoot?

For example, Phil Leotardo and Bobby were both also killed in public places, but it was different, as their murderers just came, shot and left, they did not sit down and order coffee..

How do you think MOG, presuming he did do it, plans to get away with it?

Re: How will MOG get away with it?

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Maybe MOG would have shot himself or sat down & finished his coffee until police arrived. I wonder if he simply wanted one of those onion rings...
I've also pointed out that his behavior was unusual & not typical of a bit an, although there's evidence for one to conclude that he may have killed Tony. But MOGs fate doesn't matter & wasn't part of the story.
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