Mention of an alternative ending existing and other good lin

i stumbled upon an article in Wikipedia that says there may be an alternative ending. 1st time i've heard that it may exist. don't know how creditable TVBLOGGER is though. anybody confirm? ... ealed.html

also found Chase's latest comments about movie from last weds ... ie/4997438

Finally, and it's tough to watch, link to the pork store being torn down (die hard sopranos advisory)

Re: Mention of an alternative ending existing and other good

Why would Phil want to whack Tony at his house? I know Tony wouldn't suspect it. But come on, that would link Phil directly to the murder. Little carmine a rat? He is rarely ever up in Jersey, so I'm not sure about that one. Also if the sopranos family is on the lam during the last scene, why are they so casually eating in a restaurant in the middle of Jersey? and don't look worried at all. I suppose it could of been filmed several times and acted differently. Other then that the theory isn't bad. But why make up theories about alternative endings when I barely know what the real ending means? lol
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