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The Watcher

Chase can settle 'Sopranos' debate

By Maureen Ryan
Tribune television critic

June 20 2007

Just when I thought I was out, "The Sopranos" pulls me back in.

After more than a week of reading, writing, theorizing and philosophizing about the show's endlessly debatable June 10 conclusion -- and I love that sort of thing, but the "Sopranos" circuits in my brain were fried by last Friday -- I feel the need to express one more thought.

David Chase, the creator of the show, should tell us once and for all whether Tony Soprano died at the end of the finale.

In the only interview Chase has given about the finale, he told the Newark Star-Ledger that he has "no interest in explaining, defending, reinterpreting or adding to what is there."

Chase implied to the Star-Ledger that fans should be clear about what the ending meant. "Anybody who wants to watch it, it's all there," Chase said.

If it's all there, why is Chase sending hints and trying to get us to think a particular way about the ending?

In two stories that appeared late last week, the "Tony is dead" believers got some new clues to interpret, courtesy of an HBO spokesman. A pre-finale conversation between Tony and Bobby Bacala about what it would be like to be whacked was a "legitimate" clue, the HBO representative told Reuters. In that conversation with the Mafia boss, Bacala speculated that you probably wouldn't hear anything if you were whacked -- which mirrored the silence that abruptly ended the "Sopranos" finale.

And the New York Times revealed in a Saturday story that Chase originally had wanted that final silence to last 30 seconds. "It's certainly plausible to see that as a reference to death," the HBO spokesman said.

So, let me get this straight: Chase has no interest in explaining the finale, yet he is explaining it -- possibly -- through an intermediary?

Tony would have a choice expletive for that kind of hypocritical doubletalk. I'll settle for this: Just tell us if Tony died, Chase.

As part of an effort to urge him to come clean, I've prepared a petition at the site Petition Online. If you believe that Chase should tell us whether Tony Soprano lived or died at the end of the "Sopranos" finale, sign the petition, which is here:
http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/ ... i?tsoprano

Honestly, I can live with ambiguity. I'm not necessarily allergic to it. I wasn't happy to be yanked out of the "Sopranos" world so viciously, but I'd made a sort of peace with it.

By stoking certain speculation about the ending, and in particular helping to fuel the whole "Tony is dead" movement in the online world, Chase himself gave an opening to those who want a definitive answer. It looks to me as though he had a particular ending for Tony in mind -- one he didn't fully share with us.

Maybe Chase just couldn't bring himself to have the last image of the series be Meadow Soprano seeing her father shot to death as she arrived at that New Jersey diner. But if that's what Chase did, he should come clean. Then again, he may want to make a "Sopranos" movie some day, in which case we might never get an answer, so he can keep his options open.

The fact remains, though, that if Tony did die, Chase has some explaining to do -- in a poll on the Watcher site, only about a third of more than 350 respondents said they thought Tony was dead. (In a Newsday poll, 45 percent of more than 7,000 responders called the "Sopranos" ending the "worst finale ever," though clearly many other fans think it was brilliant.)

In any case, the "Sopranos" creator brought this petition on himself. Don't just throw out bread crumbs of information -- cut to the Chase.

Did Tony live or die? Tell us.



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http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/ ... i?tsoprano

some will win, some will lose,
some were born to sing the blues,
the movie never ends,
it goes on and on and on and on........

Re: A Petition For Chase

i doubt we will get an answer until Chase knows for certain whether or not there will be a Sopranos movie. I firmly believe he is heading in this direction and just doesn't have a green or a red light on it yet. I could be wrong, but I feel this is the EXACT reason for the ending we got.

It is a totally ambiguous ending in the fact that there are so many "clues" that could point to ANYTHING.

"tony is dead" people see the clues pointing to that
"hellish life goes on always having to watch your back" people, like myself, see the clues pointing in that direction
and so on

there was no ending and it doesn't matter how much we speculate and how much bullshit spews from DC's mouth in regards to it "all being there" it doesn't change the fact that in the end there was NOTHING solid.

it's all just a clue that leads to a clue that leads to a clue that leads to a clue that leads to a clue and they can and will ALL be taken in different ways.

Re: A Petition For Chase

I believe both that Chase definitely has an ending in his mind that is supported by a lot of clues that were onscreen AND also that he wanted a lot of ambiguity, wanted to leave room for the audience to decide for themselves what happened, whether most in the audience agree with the ending in his mind or not.

I'm fine with both of those concepts. I highly doubt that he's going to come out and tell everyone "what happened." If he wanted to do that, he wouldn't have had it cut to black in the first place.
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