What Happens When Screen Goes Black?

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I do hope Tony survived.

I've read some very interesting stuff on these boards and there is certainly a very good argument either way.

I personally feel that what we saw was Tony's paranoia. We were given an insight into what it must be like to be Tony Soprano.

Everytime the door went, Tony checked it out, every person was built up as a suspect in our minds.

The fact that we don't know what happened gives us the feeling of 'it could have been any of them, or none'.

Thats how Tony's life is. He has constantly talked about not knowing when it happens, and that it could come from anywhere and such like, but we've only ever heard him say that, we've never felt that.

With Phil, he didn't know it was coming, but we did. The same with Bobby and Sil. We were almost told that Bobby was going to be hit when his phone was ringing. We also knew the three targets, but the NJ guys didn't.

After Phil was killed and the truce brought about, we felt a sense of security. As did Tony. At this point, we know as much about what could happen as Tony. If he was killed, it could have been anyone in that restaurant. It's only our own thoughts and fears that make us think the guy in the Members Only jacket had anything to do with it.

After reading the book, and seeing Chase compare the story to that of Sisyphus, I find it hard to think that Tony died. Although the story could relate to LCN as a whole, rather than one individual.

I personally see the ending as a work of art.

Over here in England, Chase has been compared, by the BBC no less, to Shakespeare and Dickens. Praise of the highest order coming from England!

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I can't believe there are so many of you who still think Tony is alive. What is your explanation for the the sudden cut-to-black? It is NOT a fade out and a "life goes on" ending. Remember,the episode does not end at the instant of the blackout.Those ten long seconds of nothing are part of the episode,it means something.David Chase wanted thirty seconds of blackout but HBO wouldn't go for it and I think they were right,ten seconds of "dead air" is more than enough to make the point.Tony is dead.Killed by the"Man in Members only jacket".He didn't "see it when it happens". There are only two endings for "a high profile guy like me-dead,or in the can".We know he's not in jail so work it out! "Three strikes and you're out right?" There were two previous attempts on Tony's life.Think about it,of all the credits MOG could be given David Chase calls him that-the first epsode of 6 is called Members Only in which Tony is shot.Eugene,wearing his Members Only jacket walks into a diner and shoots a guy.This foreshadows what happens in Holsen's.Any serious fan of the show knows we aren't shown everything that happens.Tony is dead and may he rot in hell.Great ending to a masterpiece.

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Tony is definitely dead."Never heard it when it happened". How do the Tony lives camp explain the ten seconds of nothing? The episode does not end at the blackout.The final ten seconds of nothing are part of the episode.It ends at the rolling of the credits. It is not a "fade-to-black" life goes on ending.It is mid-scene,complete silence.No music,people! Fans of the show know how big a part of the series music played."There's only two kind of endings for a high-profile kind of guy like me.Dead or in the can".We know he's not in jail so....! "Three strikes and you're out right?" There were two previous attempts on Tony's life.

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Okay dsweeney- since you're 'new' in terms of official posts, i'll bite- at least with some sort of response.

First of all, this is a voting thread, with a bunch of choices to pick and instructions to explain why you picked it. You posted twice in a row with almost the exact same point, with, what imo, has a bit of a tone that's baiting and looking to pick an argument.

For example, you make definitive statements without prefacing them with the usual posting etiquette: such as 'imho' -(in my humble opinion), etc. Of course all of us have been guilty of this at some time or another, but especially on this topic, it gets really old, really fast. You challenge those with another interpretation to explain themselves, etc., calling them the 'Tony lives camp'. Interesting, because i have mainly seen that term used in some of those other, now mostly dead, Sopranos forums that engage in really polarized and inflammatory fights with unsupported arguments on this topic. Maybe they ran out of steam over there, arguing the same points endlessly, and you're looking for more action on it here? And even if that's not true, This would not be the right thread for that.

However, here -there are a few somewhat active and very excellent threads on this very topic in the final episode section; especially the "Final Analysis" thread, where many have ably posted with stellar writing and analysis skills in their support of your exact position and interpretation of the ending. i won't be too surprised if you don't get too many responses here, mainly because this subject has been discussed ad nauseum for so long!

And yet- please don't be insulted that i said that- because i am the first to agree it still remains relevant and interesting, and always will be! Might be a good idea to read thru some of the other posts over there and you will find plenty that share your view. (Ya know, Fly- i was wondering if it would be good to move the link to that last season back to the opening page of the forum..seems that most people still want to discuss issues that ultimately relate to those threads...?)

In another post, re Christopher's Full Circle, you do apologetically mention that you have not read previous posts before posting your own. Thats understandable, but i could see how some might see it as somewhat of an insult to the effort put into exchanges that preceded your post.

This isn't a forum typically populated by casual chatters and posters who just want to hit & run with their brilliant insights- seems like most posters here want to engage in a true exchange of ideas, interpretations and opinions, having respectful dialogue with those who might differ in their conclusion. Interesting but not accidental, how this forum really has managed to stay active and alive, so long after the infamous ending, --thanks to Fly and the sincerity of most all members. :smile:

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Thanks Badabellisima for your response and again sorry if I'm retreading old ground.I'd be interested in where you stand on the ending.And while of course you are right in that everyone is entitled to an opinion I fail to see how real students of the show,like yourself,can reach any other conclusion than that Tony is dead.I'm sorry but to believe Tony is alive is to ignore all the subtleties and brilliant details inherent in the show.
Could I bring your attention to a fairly recent interview with David Chase you may or may not have read. In it,he was asked (again) about the possibility of a movie.He says he has tried and tried and cannot work out how to do it.Words to that effect.This can only mean that Tony is dead.Otherwise what's the problem? The film could simply start with Tony and the family leaving Holsten's and take it from there.
One other thing you might help me with. In the scene where Tony and little Carmine go to Phil's house for a sit-down and Phil changes his mind,telling them to "get that piece of s**t off my stoop",Carmine pleads with him saying we agreed to this.Phil replies "cooler heads prevailed".What does he mean by this? Some speculate that it was actually to be a hit on Tony but Phil changed his mind.Cheers again and I'll try to catch up.Great site.

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