PATSY THE RAT Plus Patrick

Does anyone remember from last year, that Patsy was at the end of the season meeting with the Feds? Watch it...theres even talk of him wearing a wire. Carlo yes, but Patsy...the real long time plant was Patsy AND his son..and the whole Meadow thing was part of a way to catch Tony.

Why is Meadow late? Why does she run in? Yeah shes late to dinner...but she's also got some stuff to tell her dad that she learned from that Patrick learned from his firm and Patsy's feeding to the feds, that Tony is going down....

Why did Patsy do it? To hedge his bets and he also was left untouched by NY.

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I spoke of this before. Patsy was a rat, and it's equally fitting that Meadow is dating the son of a rat. Hilarious.

I think Patsy is the one who was gonna testify to the grand jury.

As for Meadow being late, I think it was a few things. One to build tension, and another to take a crack at the Lexus self part feature. A friend of mine also thought it meant to imply that Meadow was seperate from the rest of the family. She's the only one who's not jacked up. She's not mental, or materialistic, or in the mob, etc.

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Johny Foulmouth wrote:people can't tell patsi from raymond obviously

It's always been amazing to me how people concoct elaborate theories on this show citing the wrong characters, misquotes or scenes they imagined happening. I couldn't for the life of me figured out who the hell they were even talking about until you mentioned Raymond.

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another theory shot to he11 because of mistaken identity

The only scene I recall shared by Patsi and the Feds is when they saw him drunk with a gun outside of Tony's house. He decided not to take any action except piss in Tony's pool.

There is no indication that Patsy is a rat other than in one's imagination.

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Let's not forget that the Feds have someone way up inside the Lupertazzi's. Almost certainly either Butch or Al. Phil orders everyone else out of the club in his "there are no scraps in my scrapbook" spiel. Just him, Butch and Albie at the table. Yet, within 24 hours, Harris knows there's a play going down on Tony and his top guys.

Butch and Al are at the meet where Tony asks them for Phil's head on a platter. They can pin Phil's murder on T. Under RICO that's a life sentence, without possibility of parole.

What I'm saying is, the Feds don't have to turn anyone in NJ to nail Tony to the wall.

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