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I still remember when I was little...I remember my mom watching The Sopranos...back in 95'. In that time I was a fan of cartoon network, but I always stood still when I saw the Sopranosshow starting late night when I was falling to sleep, I remember seeing Tony smooking, and his whole face beeing surrounded by white smoke. I got that picture in my head every day I hear about The Sopranos.
Now I am 20 years old and I watched Sopranos series two times, and it's really paintful knowing the show ended. It was more then just a show, it was brilliant. Words can't describe what I feel, now I am waiting for 2-3 years to pass so that I can start watching the series all over again.
You guys know what I feel, because I know some of you feel it too.
I love all the characters, they are shaped perfectly, and you can't really hate them when they kill with no remorse. I find myself usualy laughing when I see a man with a bullet through his head (in the show, not in real life). My favorite episode is the one when Paulie and Chrissy get lost in the woods, that was fucking hilarous.
I think the Sopranofamily, that is, Tony, Carmela, Meadow and AJ are the best thing in the show. Throughout it, we watch how the family evolves, how AJ and Meadow grow up and struggle with school, how everything is related with them, Tony's mom, Uncle Junior, Carmela's parents etc. Ok I will stop scracing your brains now, I know you heard what I was saying above millions of I will stop.
In the end, the void that Sopranos left in my soul will never be replaced, it will always remain there waiting for me to start watching the series all over again.
I just wanted to share my feelings with someone, hope I didn't bothered you.

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