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Last post of the night:

AJ's new car has license plate 51C RDX.

The fact that it is prominently placed, as AJ drives out of his new job on the way to the high school to pick up his girlfriend, will lead to much speculation in the future.

Probably people will find some meaning in it eventually. I get the RDX but not the 51C part of the puzzle. There was no need for an extended close up of it if there is no meaning.

The words of the song playing during the new car scene as AJ picks up his girlfriend: "scatch your name into the fabric of this world".

David Chase certainly scatched his name onto the fabric of this world. Thank you for sharing the adventure, DC.

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Made in America'

I just found this on a community page:

Safety Tips: Please do not park your vehicle over dry leaves. When a vehicles catalytic converter gets hot, it can ignite leaves. And please watch out for children who may be playing in raked leaves.

Looks like either Chase took part of his dialogue from a page like this, or Chase made communities aware of a potential problem.

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Made in America'

Over here in England we use 'sic' when we quote someone or something with a spelling mistake/malaproprism.

It's often used when quoting American people. For example, if I were writing about rainbows, and I found a quote that said 'Rainbows have pretty colors' I would have to quote it like this 'Rainbows have pretty colors [sic]' instead of changing the word 'color' to 'colour', thereby spelling it correctly! :icon_wink:

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Made in America'

Thanks for posting that quote MIMOJ, because thats one of the main reasons i argued way back when- that Uncle Junior is not 100% deranged and still basically has most of his marbles. A crack like that could not come from a man who was not aware of what he had done. i'm hoping somewhere out there we have a member or guest following this site that has some sort of professional/educated background on this subject and will comment, because i think that they have specific criteria to determine insanity, and they grade or evaluate conversations like that to determine to what extent his mind has really detached or whatever. Within the supreme confidence of "this thing of ours" between Tony and his uncle in that moment, Uncle June could reveal his true heart to Tony, as well as all of us. That shot from the hip was pure Corrado at his best.

From Italian Baby names: ... orrado.htm


English translation/equivalent: Conrad
Origin: Derived from Germanic name Konrad composed from kuoni- &audacious, daring" and radha-
"assembly, council," therefore meaning "ardent councilman."
Name Day/Onomastico: February 19—in honor of the Franciscan St. Conrad Confalonieri, nobleman of Piacenza (died 1354).

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