Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Made in America'

jonelikate wrote:Paulie says to Tony something like "I live to serve you, my Liege." I never loved Paulie more than at that moment.
You turned it around a bit. He said, "My Liege, I live to serve you."

Now we just have to find out where that quote came from, and the context of it. Then we will know if the original was a servant or a turncoat. Then we might know more about Paulie's real feelings.

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'Made in America'

Detective Hunt wrote:At first I thought he said pork and then on a re-watching realized it was this: Jason Gervasi to his father at the Bacala wake: "Look Dad, they got a real spork!" LMAO! :icon_mrgreen:
DH, Do you mean one of these?

some will win, some will lose,
some were born to sing the blues,
the movie never ends,
it goes on and on and on and on........

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