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Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

You can see how politically concerned Chase was about events as they stood when "Made To America" was broadcast. He was critical of Americans' taking for granted the luxury that is their lives while oblivious to the plight of the rest of the world, especially in Iraq for which the Bush government was criminally complicit.

But what is more telling is their complacency where they are also oblivious to the danger around them which was a consequence of their actions.

As well as a revealing political analogy, the Holsten's scene comes across as a truly textbook example of game theory as well.

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

Chase's politics were on display during the entire run of the Sopranos. The beauty of the show was that they did not hinder it nor make it great. It was superfluous, truthfully, and the genius was that any political persuasion could find something if they wished. That was his complexity (which in truth, is all of our complexities.)

If he wishes to make it so now, too bad. Because that wasn't how it came across at the time and I'm not interested in making an argument that does not exist at this late date. The finale created enough of one. :icon_wink:
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Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

While I am probably more akin to Chase's world view about matters political I have to say I agree with Detective Hunt's last post. What made the show is that it did and still appeals to a broad range of people (albeit a discerning one) whose politics and philosophies are as varied as this message board.

Therefore the Sopranos should not be seen as simply a leftist parable of a corrupt, exploitative and criminal society. Although Chase was obviously quite tempted to express such a view in the GQ article. He definitely was no fan of Bush II.

I am still intrigued by the notion of game theory being used to explain the Sopranos' ending. The idea that every thought and action brings about a consequence to a player which influences the thoughts and actions of others suggests that a chain of events can lead to a denoument that is both expected and unexpected.

Much as I enjoy shows like Mad Men, Dexter and Ashes To Ashes I really miss the Sopranos.

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