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Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

I totally agree with you that the intention was for tony to have been killed, and they did it in a fantastic way with the camera point-of-view idea. The problem I think is that it didn't have the impact that the writers thought it would relating to the "definite ending" they had in mind.

Hey Roger,

I just saw a short film called "Billy Wilder Speaks" in which he talks of some of the humorous things he experienced in his career as a writer and director.

One item that gave me a laugh was when he spoke about working with Raymond Chandler and told how Chandler would write scripts that contained detailed notes for the camera movements. For example, he wrote that in one scene the camera was to travel "through the keyhole in some door". Wilder seemed to get a good laugh from that. I guess it was because although it might be easy for someone to write, "and the camera goes through the keyhole showing what's happening in the next room", it sets up a big problem for the director. Namely, how to do that.

He sald that the writer should just stick to writing the story and leave it to the director to decide on the issues concerning how the camera is to be used.

I seem to remember that Chase both wrote and directed the finale. If so, that would remove any conflicts between writer and director. As a matter of fact, Wilder insisted that after writing some 25 films, he would write and direct all his future films. I guess he got fed up with writers putting ridiculous instructions into their screenplays.

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

agreed. I jumped and posted because I felt It was signifigant that HBO was advertising the last three shows together, and I have thought for the last couple weeks that the last three shows give clues and wrap up many storylines. They are to me very signifigant episodes, telling us we have come full circle, also how some storylines have ended, and how some have begun. Just a feeling as trilogy's seem to be a method of filmaking that is popular these days........

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

khristmaskathy wrote:The guy in the diner had three creamers sitting with his coffee; they made sure we saw that. It could be in keeping with the trilogy theory.
There were a bunch of other "three's" in the diner. Listed somewhere in another thread.

3 lamps on the wall
3 boyscouts
3 cokes on table
3 coffee creamers
3 sopranos
3 parking attempts by meadow

There are probably more. But these things arent an arbitrary decision by the set decorators/directors. What do they mean? Nobody knows for sure. But some people think it implies that Chase is hinting at Uncle Junior's superstition that bad things happen in groups of three's. Food for thought if you havent already.

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

Savage wrote:I have read most of the posts in this thread, and I havent come across an answer for this, but if this has already been discussed forgive me. What is the significance of the plane/jet engine noise we hear everytime the camera cuts to Meadow trying to park her car? There is no way that many planes fly by in that short of a period of time.

btw, i re-watched that scene (a few zillion times!) and have come to the conclusion (for the moment!...) that the sound we continue to hear is actually the rush of passing semi trucks and loud street noise. Maybe if i watch it on HD i will hear better? right now, if i want to watch it on HD, i have to disconnect the computer and do some weird re-configuring of the wiring on the new ginormous screen and speaker system on my friend's tv, and its just too dang confusing! is it that much better in HD? maybe i'll be able to read the Holsten's menu better...

Re: Episode 6.21: Made in America - Grades and General Revie

apologies in advance if this has been mentioned already (I've tried to go through all the posts, but there's chance I inadvertently missed a few given the volume here)

some posts, here and on other boards, note that there were three bells heard in the last scene, helping give credence to the idea that '3s' had signifcant symbolic value.
That's entirely possible, though when it comes to the bells themselves I heard five (another number that's been referenced by some as possibly significant - i.e. the No. 5 elevator; Kevin Finnerty's fall to fifth floor; No. 5 Iraqi road mentioned in program AJ watches in 'second coming')

the bell seems to ring when someone comes in the door. it rings for Tony/man in USA cap/Carmela/Members Only man (with AJ behind)/and presumably Meadow

but it doesn't ring for the woman with long hair. the door also swings open in the shot of the two black men, and doesn't ring. oversight or intentional?

this is probably just more overanalysis for people to criticize - but I'm throwing it out there on off chance anyone else noticed this and has a theory about it (i have some ideas floating around but nothing clear enough to share)

also, this is a bit out of left field i admit, but i was randomly thumbing through The Sopranos special edition magazine/book that came out a month or so ago (it's just something I picked up on the fly. it's not at all something I consider infused with meaning and/or 'clues' to the show)

that said, I open up to a page that has picture of Meadow's room. there's a mask on the wall of an orange tiger. it immediately reminded me of the tiger painted on the mural at Holsten's behind Tony.

I keep mulling Meadow's role in the last scene . she was in the background most of the season and then has this odd 'almost not there' role in last scene.

It makes sense ,I suppose, that if Tony indeed died when screen went black that she would not be at the table. Meadow is depicted as the 'guardian angel' in the seven souls montage. shortly thereafter her voice brings Tony back from his coma. In 'College,' it's Meadow's presence that prevents Freddie the rat from shooting Tony - there very well may be more examples ..

anyway, just more potential fodder for the speculation about the tiger/the orange cat, Meadow-Tony, etc.

If i had the energy I'd try to attempt a post something on the status of cats in Egypt (a la Seven souls) and mull about the possible connections. the cat, the relatively recent number of references to the sun and Eygyptian beliefs are a potential topic to explore, IMHO.

speaaking of the sun, i thought there was a spoiler out there from deadwood stage about a casting call going out for someone to play a mental hosptial patient who could play 'here comes the sun' on guitar? all or almost all of those casting call spoilers turned out to be accurate, so interesting that this guitar playing patient never showed up.

chase said once that he wanted to use a beatles tune but it was too costly - maybe that's what happened

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