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My cat is currently trying to eat my power cable. But hey, Walden's aunt's cat's didn't look in the corner. It looked from the corner into the room. It's not ambiguous; Walden even mimes the direction of cat looking as he says his line. Walden's mother's chinchilla used to stare at the TV and watch naked people (like Mink at the Bing) but we never hear even one line about this! A reference to not hearing it when it (the pervy chinchilla) happens. Walden's aunt's cat's habit was sitting at the exact corner of a table, looking out, like Tony's only action in the very last image on The Sopranos, or at the intersection of two walls, looking in, like the giant cat on the wall in the last scene. And one second after Walden says this, we cut to Paulie spooked and not aware of the giant stuffed buck above him who didn't even hear it when it happened. (That it=Sarah Palin killed him with piano wire. Come on, now, let's not veer off on a political tangent, just an image too entertaining not to share and we can move on. Even Palin herself would lhao at that joke and act it out. I wasn't calling out an actual connection between her and the mob. Let's move on.) I think Mink looking at the screen and trying to get the ketchup/fake blood out is about the viewers using violence for pornography. A cat that sits in a corner and looks at that same corner likely has a brain injury.

No boxer is an island. Do not ask for whom the bell ends the round. The bell fior thee. I might be seeing things that aren't there. For full disclosure, I once dabbled in boxing and my strategy was to explain to my opponent the illusion of separate entities. My trainer persuaded me to quit when I developed a bad habit between rounds of sitting on the stool backwards and staring at my own corner.

Re: Raging Bull Scene

In all seriousness though,

That scene with Tony and Sil fake boxing juxtaposed with the scene of the rapper Deluxe watching the pay per view fight in the hospital as the ex-Bell lab(Bells anyone?) guy breaks down quantum physics with Tony using the boxers as his example. Was this a strange coincidence that later Tony finds out that the same man who spoke such profound truth to him had his larynx removed, the very object used to speak??? This to me along with the Ojibway quote left in his recovery room seem to be dominate themes throughout the whole last two seasons. They invoke a sort of Twighlight Zone feel dont they...... Interesting how that show is highlighted in the last episode.......... dee dee dee do dee dee dee do (theme song plays)
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.
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