The price of Cristophers' death

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As I watched this episode, I couldn't help but wonder if things might have been different regarding the hit on Phil, if Christopher were still alive.

Consider the hit on Rusty: The same two Italians were used then as now, and Corky as well....the difference was in who handled it for the Soprano crew.

Now I'm not saying it was anyones fault the old guy looked like Phil, but it's just telling that in the case of Rusty, Tony handed it to Chris..and Chris took care of it, made the arrangements personally.

With Chris gone, Tony hands this to Bobby, who hands it to Paulie, who hands it to Patsy, who deals with Corky.

Would it have made a difference if it was Chris handling it? Maybe not initially, but maybe at the point where Corky is talking to Patsy and asks if there is any chance Phil could've been speaking Ukrainian.

Patsy being so far removed from the decision to handle it, didn't have the faintest idea....maybe Chris, being pat of the inner circle, might have handled that part differently.

Who knows, but it's interesting to think that maybe Tony helped sign Bobby and Sil's death warrants when he executed Chrissy's.

Re: The price of Cristophers' death

I have to disagree. I remember Tony saying that they never ever had a chance of getting to Phil because he went to hiding well before Tony got the news that NY was targeting him.

Phil had long set in motion to whack the 3 of them. Also, they were whacking a very powerful NY Boss. The higher ups have to distance themselves as much as possible perhaps they over-exaggerrated to that extent but still, I can't imagine Chris being there would change their assassination plans and subsequent failure.

Unless of course, you are suggesting that Tony would have ordered Chris to do the hit himself. Which I don't have the faintest idea how Chris would get close enough to succeed.
Maybe baby
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