Cardboard Silvio

Did anyone else notice that when Tony and crew enter the safehouse and put the lights on there is a cardboard cut out of Silvio in the corner?

What do you think this means.... is it simply an error (doubtful) or does it actually have meaning? or is it just chase messing with the fans? (not really the right time for that).

If you have the episode downloaded its right at 46:53

Re: Cardboard Silvio

Along with the Cardboard Silvio, did anyone
notice that when they arrive at the hideout
house, it's night time? When Tony a few minutes
later retreats to his mattress armed with the
gun Bobby gave him, it's light outside the windows.

Until we see the Final Episode on Sunday, we'll
just be guessing whether Chase is getting sloppy
and anachronistic, or he's just leaving the whole
masterpiece up to the viewers to fully parse.


Re: Cardboard Silvio

I think the light shining through Tony's window was supposed to be from a street light.

I'm sure that the cut out Sil is there on purpose but I am not sure why it is there.
He is in the stance of his Al Pacino routine "just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in again".

Re: Cardboard Silvio

IMO, the cutout of Sil doesn't have any relevance other than a "wink" from Chase to the viewers, maybe even playing with fans to get them going about the significance of it. :icon_wink: I found it a moment of great comic relief in an otherwise emotionally exhausting and intense episode.

Re: Cardboard Silvio

I had a wierd thought about the cutout when I rewatched the episode for the 4th time.....maybe all the folks in the first floor including Silvio represented by the cutout were 'traitors' to the NY mob. They all stayed cause they felt guilty. Sil had been MIA for food poisoning. Tony told the chubby guy to go back home to his wife that was sick. Maybe T knew that cause he had been MIA.

I don't know, like I said, rewatching it, I really felt like Tony was holding the gun against his own crew as much as the NY crew.

Re: Cardboard Silvio

IMO, there could've been a birthday dinner for Sil, where he was presented with the cutout, that the guys had made up, as a cool, funny, jokey present. Y'know, in a 'for he's a jolly good fellow' vein. Maybe Sil didn't want the silly thing in his house or it was too big to fit in his car or he just had nowhere to keep it or whatever, & he took it himself or had one of the guys throw it in the safehouse, where it's resided until now, albeit, imbued with its new heartrending significance.

Just a possible 'on the ground' explanation for the cutout.

The last day.
Y'mean the show doesn't go on forever, every Sunday night for the rest of our lives?
I guess that's what the DVD sets are now for.
It's either that or go back to real life.
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