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rollinsband2002 wrote:What threw me off about Paulie was why he parked his car right in front of the safe house. One would think they wouldn't want anyone to know they were there.
Odds are if NY is out looking for them THAT extensively parking a car in a garage or on the street isn't going to matter.

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jedijake45 wrote:I do think there is a traitor, that is just to easy for someone as creative as David Chase. Not to mention there is nothing from the last eposiode to support anyone being a traitor. You would think if there was a traitor it would have been impossible that it would not be mentioned during the NY meeting we saw during that last episode. Phil or someone would have to have stated something about "our guy or over" of something along those lines.

The three most common taitor suspects that eveyone seems to be banking on are Carlo, Patsie, and Paulie. When Paulie was brought up at the Ny sitdown reguarding the three sopranos gangsters that were to be killed was just written in there to clairify to us, the viewers, the structure of the family. Paulie is ust a Captain not part of the administartion of the Family, not to lead us to beleive that Paulie is worling with Phil. As far as Patsie goes he was clearly shot at and despite the theroies that this was staged come on does anyone really beleive that. Carlo as never NOT once shown any sort of disloyality to Tony besides Carlo betraying Tony would have no emotion impact on anyone since his character has always been a minor background character so from a creative viewpoint there would be nothing to be gain by Carlo being a traitor.
Not trying to be an ass (I swear), but who else is left that (a) could be a traitor, and (b) could "wow" us? There are no major players left to turn after "The Blue Comet" but the three under discussion here... I guess you could say Little Carmine, but he's always been a weasel and is tangential at this point. If it's one of the new, seemingly fungible underlings, who cares? Janice? Carm? Meadow? AJ?

In keeping with the fathers-and-sons theme, I think you've got the three mentioned above, with Paulie out front, or possibly Junior, but I don't how much he's got left.
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Are we sure that there is already a traitor? We know that Burt was "playing both sides" and that there are a lot of unhappy folks in the Soprano family, however, is there any evidence to suggest that someone else is already whispering in NY's ear?

Now I can see Tony's crew turning on him in the final episode in order to protect themselves, maybe even Paulie, but does that mean that they already have?

Having said that, Paulie was acting rather suspiciously throughout the episode. There was that weird shot of him pulling out of the parking lot as Patsy was talking to the zips. How are we supposed to read that look on his face? Also, in the last scene in the safe house after he tells T he is staying, one of the new young guys (don't know his name) puts his gun down on the table and Paulie does a quick turn to see what is going on. Almost jumpy. Of course, he has every right to be jumpy considering the situation but maybe he is a little paranoid about being caught. Time will tell.

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I think it is Paulie too. Here are my reasons:

1. Paulie was pretty defensive when he heard about the hit on Phil. He questioned if Tony knew about it.

2. The way he took off in his car in front of the Bing was way to suspicious. Like he was running off to tell someone the hit was on its way.

3. The brief look on his face when he followed Tony out of the house after locking up, it looked vengeful. It was brief but it was there.

4. Paulie was not included in the top 3 guys to get wacked and it was specifically stated that he does not get hit. Paulie is the #3 in my book. Not Bobby.

This one is a stretch but I thought of it without realizing that the train was called the Blue Comet.....

5. THE BLUE COMET is really named after Paulie's gray streak in his head. Old people with gray hair are called "blue hairs". The streak in Paulie's hair looks like a comet. The title of the episode is letting you know that the informant has come forward. I know everyone says it is the train, but what significance does that really have other than Bobby getting wacked?

There are a lot of loose ends to tie up with Junior, Terrorists and the rest of the family....It will be interesting to see how it all ends up.

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also, we saw Paulie's loyalty when Tony was in the hospital and how he wanted to hold on to that money they owed to Tony. Also, he might have found out somehow Tony wanted to wack him in Florida. He did tell Johnny Saks at one time to let him know if there was anything he could do for him to let him know. Some loyalty......

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Here is my two cents on how it will conclude:

Paulie will play a prominent role in the finale. Phil will make him (Paulie) an offer he can't refuse. He will be told he will have control of the NJ family if and when he kills Tony. After much soul searching, he agrees to do the hit. Then, once the job is done, Phil will double cross Paulie and have him taken out. The Sopranos crew is extinguished.

Game, set, match........ NY wins! Everyone else.......... lives.

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IF there's ACTUALLY a traitor,My money is on Carlo too. As someone said at the beginning, it was carlo's cousin that Sil gurroted, and Carlo did express admiration for phil. And he also could have been acting as if he was ordering a pizza at the end of blue comet, but could very well have been giving away the location to the NY guys. Plus the fact that he brings along that guy that has only been introduced in this season, Carlo's guy, and HE decides to bunk downstairs and be the main lookout? Carlo is def. more suspect that Paulie, at least in my opinion.

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terrencewintersolstice wrote:Carlo?

Everyone seems to think there's a traitor with Tony and people seem to be looking at Paulie. But before we assume anyone is pumping info to NY, let's review the Carlo facts:

1) He was MIA from Tony's bedroom after Chris died. Enough so that it was the crux that scene.
2) His cousin got killed in "Blue Comet" for "playing both sides."
3) He expressed admiration for Phil's disgust toward Vito in 6A. Sure, he killed Fat Dom with Sil. But it was only after Dom busted their balls about Vito being gay.

On the surface, Paulie seems to be an obvious choice. But he's not. In fact, notwithstanding his discussions with Johnny Sac in Seasons 3/4, he's been nothing but loyal. He's a petty man, but I don't think the poor showing at his mother's wake could push him to being a traitor. Could it?

I'm riding with Carlo.

Sorry if this should be in the speculation section.

I am probably to late responding to this because by now we all know it was Burt Gervasi who was playing both sides.

But if there is a rat or collaborator in Tony Crew with the FBI- I would have to say it's Carlo--It was Carlo in 1 as well. Godfather 1 that is. And we all know The Sopranos likes to make those references. Remember too after Hesh house Tony said to Carlo that maybe he should start su*king C*&*% too because Vito made 3 times as much as him in construction and you could see Carlo was deeply offended.
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