If not Paulie, then...


Everyone seems to think there's a traitor with Tony and people seem to be looking at Paulie. But before we assume anyone is pumping info to NY, let's review the Carlo facts:

1) He was MIA from Tony's bedroom after Chris died. Enough so that it was the crux that scene.
2) His cousin got killed in "Blue Comet" for "playing both sides."
3) He expressed admiration for Phil's disgust toward Vito in 6A. Sure, he killed Fat Dom with Sil. But it was only after Dom busted their balls about Vito being gay.

On the surface, Paulie seems to be an obvious choice. But he's not. In fact, notwithstanding his discussions with Johnny Sac in Seasons 3/4, he's been nothing but loyal. He's a petty man, but I don't think the poor showing at his mother's wake could push him to being a traitor. Could it?

I'm riding with Carlo.

Sorry if this should be in the speculation section.

Re: If not Paulie, then...

I thought Patsy was running for his life. And who said that Phil would be at his goomar's house? Because it seemed like Patsy was following orders pretty directly.

Plus, he wasn't at the safe house and presumably hasn't been heard from since Sil got shot up.

EDIT - Bobby told Patsy where Phil would be:

Bobby: Phils at his goomars every Friday night

Re: If not Paulie, then...

More evidence re: Paulie from a second viewing last night (I listed several reasons why Paulie's behavior struck me as odd/a potential turn yesterday in the main show review thread):

When Paulie comes into the Bing to tell Silvio about the hit on Phil being a "success", he mentions the fact that the goomar was clipped, too. When Patsi calls Paulie the night before to relay the outcome of the hit, he only tells him "It's done", so Paulie has to have talked to someone else who knew about the goomar...someone in the NY crew? Because he had no real ties to the heroin underling or the Zips... If he had read the paper like Murmur, he'd know they missed on the Shah, too.

Also, Silvio says to Tony, when discussing his freelance hit on Burt Gervasi, that NY had spoken to several NJ crew members to gauge interest in "new management". Sil hasn't told Tony about any of that because of AJ's suicide attempt, ostensibly, but who knows who/how many they talked to. Based on past connections, Paulie and Carlo would have to be near the top of the list of potential converts.

In Paulie's defense, Tony was the only one who showed for his mother's wake, and Paulie's ire seemed to be directed at the rest of the crew more than Tony, who at least showed some loyalty to Paulie at that time. Chase and Co. have again done a good job of leaving a lot of teasers and potential out there. The good news is, we'll know once and for all who does what to whom in one hour next Sunday night...
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Re: If not Paulie, then...

Lawdog wrote:In Paulie's defense, Tony was the only one who showed for his mother's wake, and Paulie's ire seemed to be directed at the rest of the crew more than Tony, who at least showed some loyalty to Paulie at that time.
And why did Tony showed up at Paulie's mother's wake? Because Carmela forced him to. In hindsight this apparently insignificant moment in "Kennedy and Heidi" (which was dominated by the shadow of Christopher's death and Tony's muted reaction to it) could turn out to be the one act of kindness that saves T's life... maybe! :redface:

Re: If not Paulie, then...

I think we are reading into this way to much. The Jersey crew was unaware how far along Phil was in his plans to take them down. Phil went into hiding, thats why he was not at his goomars house when they went to whack him. Is there a possibility that Paulie or Patsie could be a traitor? Yes, anything at this point is a possible, but this I believe it to simple. David Chase is going to WOW us in this final episode, I would not be wowed by Paulie or Patsie being informants the the New York Family. Just my 2 cents.
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Re: If not Paulie, then...

TonysOriginalNJAccent wrote:My money is on Paulie as well. Too much evidence leaning in his direction. It wouldn't even be the first time he appealed to NY anyway, of course this time the situation is a taaad more serious.
I think you're right - he's so obvious you want to overlook him as total red herring, and yet that is just the kind of thing that would surprise us the most - the red herring is not so red after all. That would be funny, Chase playing around with all of the people who offer indepth analysis and predictions etc. - too sophisticated to actually consider Paulie! What a shocker it will be!!

Paulie was to weird in his relaxed attitude, making jokes about AJ's girl guest, parking in front as total advertisement etc.

Re: If not Paulie, then...

I do think there is a traitor, that is just to easy for someone as creative as David Chase. Not to mention there is nothing from the last eposiode to support anyone being a traitor. You would think if there was a traitor it would have been impossible that it would not be mentioned during the NY meeting we saw during that last episode. Phil or someone would have to have stated something about "our guy or over" of something along those lines.

The three most common taitor suspects that eveyone seems to be banking on are Carlo, Patsie, and Paulie. When Paulie was brought up at the Ny sitdown reguarding the three sopranos gangsters that were to be killed was just written in there to clairify to us, the viewers, the structure of the family. Paulie is ust a Captain not part of the administartion of the Family, not to lead us to beleive that Paulie is worling with Phil. As far as Patsie goes he was clearly shot at and despite the theroies that this was staged come on does anyone really beleive that. Carlo as never NOT once shown any sort of disloyality to Tony besides Carlo betraying Tony would have no emotion impact on anyone since his character has always been a minor background character so from a creative viewpoint there would be nothing to be gain by Carlo being a traitor.
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