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tomahawk wrote:let me clear up one for you. #68 - Artie cooked the rabbit for a couple that came into Vesuvio too late to get anything else to eat.
Oh yeah, that's right. Remember the the scene where Artie used his dad's old recipe book to prepare the rabbit, but I didn't make the connection

Re: Dangling plot threads

Pork Store wrote:88. Is JoJo Palmice still as stupid as when Mikey married her?
You may post what you like about Mikey "Grab Bag" Palmice (RIP), but negative statements about his lovely widow JoJo (who captured my heart in season 1) come dangerously close to hate speech! :icon_wink:

Re: Dangling plot threads

Cards2501 wrote:To me the Russian interior decorator whose house looked like shit is the biggest missing link in this entire series. For the life of me I cannot understand why that has been left unresolved for the past several seasons. Also when HBO ran their teaser trailor showing all of the people that had died throughout the series they had a question mark next to the Russians name. Why would they do that? As great as this series has been it sucks to think that they are going to leave that gaping hole wide open.

Maybe HBO is going to have a spinoff show featuring the Russian and his decorating ideas.
Chase knows the viewers obsessions about the Russian and he is not gonna let us know whatever happened to him. Because it really isnt all that important. Knowing the russian is dead or alive doesnt add much to the show but not knowing and always wondering and discussing the possiblities is far more interesting. I bet in 50 years, there will be somebody who will ask, whatever happened to the Russian?

Chase is really having a good time with playing with us with this Russian. I bet you its an inside joke with all the writers. They probably wrote what happened to him but left it out. I bet in a book, out of the many official books that HBO will release in the next decade, you will see this heading" The fate of the Russian Revealed".

and that will help sell another hundrad thousand copies of the book :)
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