- Starting New Threads -

Given the fascinating nature of this previous episode, many of us are certainly excited to discuss it. However, please be sure and check the existing threads before starting a new one. We have had a rash of threads started in the past 12 hours, many of which exist to discuss the same things. We have merged them as best we can, but we could always use your help.

Please try and take note of what discussions are already ongoing before breaking your thoughts out into a new thread. And please remember to title your thread in such a way so that the subject in thread is clear. This too will help other members know what is being discussed and what is not. If in question, please feel free to ask one of the moderators. We'd be more than happy to assist.

Thanks and enjoy the discussion. I have a feeling it will be a busy week for all of us.:icon_biggrin:
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Re: - Starting New Threads -

And, to help keep the discussion focused I'd also just add that when starting a new thread, also think about which room it fits in best. For example, even though the episode "The Blue Comet" may raise a question about the NY crew (e.g. "when was butchie made?"), those types of questions are more general nature than the discussion of the specific episode and are probably better placed in the "Non-Spoiler Speculation and Discussion" Room.

Doing so helps keep the board organized so that the discussion on every topic from the episode-specific to the more general does not get fragmented in many rooms and many posts. :icon_wink:

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