Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Capo di Monte wrote:Hi Splishak,
Mortadella is an Italian lunch meat. It looks like bologna dotted with chunks of white pig fat. More cold cut references! If you call someone a mortadell, you're calling him a loser.
Mortadella is an amazing Italian Sausage that originated in Bologna, Northern Italy. The "Amerigans" as usual took it and made a cheap imitiation of it and call it "Mortadella". In its original form it is a large sausage in the classic torpedo shape. When the real thing is sliced it probabaly bears a pale resemblance to what you can buy at any SuperMarket Chain. calling him a Morta dell is like calling him a big fat dumb sausage.
Don Scallop

"You Can't Kill me twice Sally Boy, I'm already fuckin' dead remember"

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Marlowe wrote:The small exchange at the toy train shop and what I believe are Bobby's last words. Salesman is packing up the Blue Comet set:

Toy Train Salesman(I'm paraphrasing): You're son will love it.

Bobby (disappointed look on his face ): He don't care.

A nice callback to that 6a episode where Bobby Jr makes it known he is disinterested in his father's hobby and how that hurt Bobby to lose that connection with his son.

It is a subtle but heart breaking line and it really made me feel for Bobby just as he was about to get capped.
It may be interesting to note that if his son did love the toy train crap, he probably would of been dead too.
Don Scallop

"You Can't Kill me twice Sally Boy, I'm already fuckin' dead remember"

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Once again a visual joke.

When Tony is kicked out of Melfi's office, his presentation of the torn out magazine article is so reminescent of Oliver Hardy, of Laurel and Hardy fame.

Just the way Tony took it out of his pocket, straightened it out, then placed it back into the magazine...very much the way Hardy would have done it.

I should look around to see if there is a clip for those who are not familiar with Laurel and Hardy.

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Rewatching 85 tonight and for the first time notice that when Paulie and Tony are locking up the house, in the living room Paulie is set below a mantle with a decorative music stanza with musical notes on it, on the wall over the mantle.

Could anyone else look at that and play the music or recognize what the tune is by looking at it?

Has this been shown all through the series and I am just now noticing it?

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