Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Apologies if this has already been said but I haven't seen it.

Yet another Lincoln reference with the 5 dollar bill Tony showed Janice.

Also, AJ's friend Rhiannon. Besides the Fleetwood Mac song and it's bird in flight imagery, What can we make ofher? Why with one episode left, has she come back into the show? Another example of the pit falls of upper middle class youth? I'm just not seeing where she fits in.
Bacala: You know, Quasimodo predicted all this.
Tony: Who did what?

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Capo di Monte wrote:Hi Splishak,
Mortadella is an Italian lunch meat. It looks like bologna dotted with chunks of white pig fat. More cold cut references! If you call someone a mortadell, you're calling him a loser.
Did anybody mention that it tastes like crap, too? My ex is Italian, and we had mortadella all the time. It is really greasy. You could use a slice of it to slick-back Paulie's wings. Everytime you eat it you can taste the overabundance of fat in it, and you can feel your body gaining weight... I don't know why anybody would eat that crap. No offense to you Italianos out there who like it...

To be fair, we Irish have a disgusting food item too. It's called "black pudding," and it's a type of sausage with very little meat, a lot of grain filler, and pig blood. Some people love it; my cousin in Dublin does. I think it's awful. If we fed prisoners mortadella and black pudding everyday, the recidivism rate would plummet.
Christofuh says: "Tony has big decisions to make, like whether or not to have that third sandwich..." :icon_razz:

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Thanks for the info, Capo di Monte and HOMT. I'm fairly certain that someone in the NY crew did call Bobby a "mortadella" and it sure did sound like an insult. With any luck, maybe the gun he gave Tony as a birthday present will play a part in Phil's death. Or at least, I hope Bobby plays some part in Phil's execution.

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

billymac wrote:Sil and Tony, talking in Tony's garage about the mistaken killing of Phil's comadre and her father: "Paulie said he wants it known it's on him, he takes full responsibility..mmmhh...but he didn't do nothin'"

Paulie's apology istelf would have been funny, but that we get to see it relayed to Tony through Sil as the translator is even more fucking hilarious! :icon_mrgreen:
Watch the ep again, I think you're hearing it wrong. I'm pretty sure what Sil says is "We didn't do nuthin" as in, we didn't kill Phil. That's the bad news that Sil came to tell Tony.

S: ... but we didn't do nothin'.
T: Nothin?
S: Nothin.

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