Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

At the dinner party when someone asked who "Leadbelly" was supposed to be, Eliot gives the subtle 'hint' -- "The answer is, a female opera singer and... gangster." And then he hums the jeopardy theme. What an ass.

After Tony tells AJ that Bobby's dead:

AJ -- "Uncle Bobby's dead."
Tony -- "Yeah."
AJ -- "This is really depressing to me."
Tony -- "He was a good guy."
AJ -- "I was already having so much trouble maintaining."

Re: Favorite Quotes from 'The Blue Comet'

Sil and Tony, talking in Tony's garage about the mistaken killing of Phil's comadre and her father: "Paulie said he wants it known it's on him, he takes full responsibility..mmmhh...but he didn't do nothin'"

Paulie's apology istelf would have been funny, but that we get to see it relayed to Tony through Sil as the translator is even more fucking hilarious! :icon_mrgreen:

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