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Re: Episode 6.20: The Blue Comet - Grades and General Review

Interesting that they ended up at his Mothers House, I assume that is where they are at. Tony is laying on the bed with the rifle. I knew it wouldn't happen today, due to we knew without looking at the clock that the show was almost done for the night, but thought maybe the guys downstairs would barge in and blow Tony away for their own Salvation.

They go after the top 3 guys. Where does Pauly fit there? Hmmm not after Pauly ?

Re: Episode 6.20: The Blue Comet - Grades and General Review

The tension and feeling of dread that has accompanied every second of this half-season hit its highpoint tonight. I shot out of my seat and had to stand several times. I paced during the closing credits. I’ve never felt more anxious during and after an episode.

I’ll have more to say later, but how brilliantly shot and edited was Bobby’s final scene? The train POV shots were especially unnerving.

And with everything else going on, I almost forgot about the (last?) Melfi scene. Man, this episode just felt so conclusive. We have said goodbye to Melfi(?), Bobby, Silvio, and the Sopranos pool, all in the same hour. More to say later.
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