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I wanted to offer my thanks as well for setting up this forum and for adding to it with your insightful posts. I am a huge Soprano fan. This is my favorite show of all time, and I'm glad that you have offered an outlet for Soprano fans to share their thoughts and ideas on the show.

I hope that this website will stay active now that the show is done as there is still plenty of "Soprano Talk" to be done and I will continue to post here.

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I've lurked here since day one, and I've been a fan of your writing about The Sopranos here and at Sopranoland for years now. After every episode from the fifth season onwards, the first thing I did was come here or to the Sopranoland forums to see what you had to say about it. It was one of my favorite parts of Soprano Sundays, and I look forward to more insight and discussion in the future, even though the series has come to an end.

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Thank you, Fly, for your tireless efforts in maintaining this site. It's wonderful to have a place to be able to consistently read thoughtful and interesting commentary. The discussions are always mature, cordial, and erudite - and that is due in no small part to your skillful moderation. It's a rarity on the web these days, and it is appreciated.

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An absolute thank you to Fly for creating this forum. I cannot imagine the time it must take, and the added item to a list of responsibilites beyond the board. My time to read/post is limited, but when I have the opportunity I consider it a pleasure.

I watch very few tv shows, but am an obsessive fan of the Sopranos and therefore consider this board to be an added enjoyment. Especially since it is handled so well.

Thank you.

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Molto grazie! In my Hong Kong exile, I have avoided all possible clips or comments about the ending until I got the episodes on VHS. My daughter religiously taped them for me and mailed them. I got the final tape yesterday and watched the last 3 shows in one go. So, my first post is to thank our boss, Fly, for all the time taken to set up this place and run it. If I was closer, it would merit several boxes of zitis. Thanks again. Now, I can read all the other comments on this unexpected black screen!
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It's been av ery long time since I've posted. Since I live in the UK and haven't got the last of the season yet I've hesitated to log on and participate. But today is my Birthday and what was the first email sent to me this am- but a Happy Birthday message from The Chase Lounge! So, a big thank you to Fly for actually takign the time to consider sending personal messages to members and another thanks for your consideration with regards to my 'Sopranos' fandom research, which I am trying desperately now to finish writing - another reason, ironically, why I have had less time on the message boards. Thanks to Fly for managing such a successful fan site.

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Thank you dearly for manifesting a place in cyberspace where my own interpetations of this amazing TV parable are understood and articulated by all the intelligent observers of life in here. I appreciate all your amazing insight and info that you have within yourself. You truly have a gift and thank you for sharing it and helping us all "Get IT!"!
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