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Fly, thanks for a great message board. While I don't post as often as I used to, I always enjoy reading your insightful posts about the show, especially the dream episodes. Any chance you'll gather all your thoughts after the show's over and write a book/long essay??

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Yeah, I echo all the sentiments. Thanks FOMW, I always looked forward to hearing your analysis and how it helped me to find more nuggets of insight into a show that I would think about as a riddle. It's too bad this show is going to end, though it has to, but it was all a great experience and quality discussion. Thanks, and see you next week!

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Thank you, Fly. I don't know what I would have done without this message board. My friends love to talk about The Sopranos, but I don't think any of them would have the patience to dissect the show the way I want to. Which is why I absolutely loved finding this message board full of like-minded fans. So many insightful people with brilliant comments! This board has made my experience of The Sopranos even richer...and more fun.

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I've been delaying posting anything in this thread until I could come up with words adequate to express how I much I appreciate Fly's posts, the Herculean effort involved in maintaining a forum like this, her seemingly limiteless intelligence and patience, and the respect for others points of views that has set the tone for all discussions.

But after several days, I've decided that I'm not going to come up with the magic words. Or maybe I'm just too lazy in light of the fact that (as is usually the case in most every thread) what I would have said has already been said so well by so many others.

I will just say, simply and quietly, that this forum has added to my appreciation of "The Sopranos" more than any other reading I've done, which includes virtually all of the published books on the series and most of what I can find on the internet. The level of discussion on most every other forum I've read is so depressingly base that I sometimes start to doubt my own belief in the depth and complexity of the show!

On the rare occasions when there has been an internet-style flare up here, Fly (or the other wonderful moderators) has always stepped in and prevented flame wars from taking hold. For someone as thoughtful as Fly certainly is, this can't be an easy job; it becomes exponentially easier to doubt yourself the smarter you are. . . :icon_wink:

I join the chorus in the (perhaps wishful) hope that the Chase Lounge will survive the end of the series.
Thank you, Fly. If you ever are in doubt as to whether you've productively spent the short time we're granted on this planet (to paraphrase Melfi), at least remember that you've made my life better in a tangible, meaningful way. And it's clear from all the other thank yous you've already received that many others share the sentiment. I only regret that I came to the party so late in the game, not having discovered this forum until the 6th season.

"there's some folks out there that if they don't get it, you can't tell 'em." (louis armstrong)

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Thank You Fly. I think you and this board have exponentially increased my love of the Sopranos. People know I read this board every week and are concerned about my well being when the show ends. My daughter just joined this week. That says it all since I'm so out of it.

It really is a tribute to your insight, intelligence, patience, passion....etc. I think the praise from these comments is a reflection of you.

Two comments.....As I've said before you should teach a college level course on the Sopranos. Or, at a minimum get a PhD with the Sopranos as your thesis. I am very serious. When you see such passion, if you can tie your career to it, you're golden.

The second comment.....which I think will be proved in the last episode via Carmella's death. Chase is getting his ideas from you Fly!!!!

This board should be called the FLY Lounge....

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Since Fly is asking for ideas about how to evolve the site after the show ends its run maybe a name change from 'The Chase Lounge' to '' would be in order. Because like Christopher with the drugs and booze I can picture thousands (millions?) of jittery "Sopranos" addicts going about their lives in a numbed state of mind looking for some kind of "Sopranos" fix. Chase Lounge turned into Sopranos Anonymous could become that internet one-stop for fans that crave more info/knowledge/conversation about the show, especially the new one's coming from the A&E repeats and DVD sales.

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