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Hey Fly,
I also am from back in the SopranoLand days and just wanted to express my gratitude for everything you have built and accomplished with this board. While it might seem like a small thing, starting this website is a salvation for Sopranos fans who are looking for a competent discussion of this amazing show which we all love so much. Not to put down other forums (and I am a bit biased on this matter ;-) ) but The Chase Lounge offers something all the other sites do not. Our members cover the board with all different view points which help us all explore this deeply faceted show. But without this board and without your leadership, commitment, and insight, these fans would be forced to deal with websites that cannot hold a candle to The Chase Lounge. So, without being particularly wordy, I want to take this moment to thank you Fly, on behalf of all the lurkers who read but never participated in discussion, all the members who helped us examine all the corners and nooks and crannies of each episode and, all the mods who did our best to make this board a better representation of your wishes with every post. We all are so grateful for your past and continued commitment to this site! Thank you!

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Like many of you, I used to be a member in the old Sopranoland forum and that's where I first came across Fly's amazing posts on the Sopranos. I remember once someone even encouraged her to write a book, to put all her essays together and make a book out of them. She is that good.

A show like the Sopranos deserves not just to be watched, but to be understood for its richness in all forms of art that have made its existence possible. And this forum, first put together by Fly, leads me to come to that understanding.

I can better appreciate the show, the scenes, the words, the music and even the silence on the show that are all full of meanings.

Thank you Fly.

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You may not remember me, but I stated in the past that I was a lurker that felt a bit intimidated on the board, but you helped me come out of the shadows more. (Not like Vito, not that there was anything wrong with Vito.) ;) LOL!!

I am really going to hate to see this masterpiece end. To me, it is like seeing the last few episodes of MASH or Cheers.

Beyond just thanking Fly, I want to say Thank You to each and every member of the board that has made me feel welcome, and for all the great insight to a wonderful show.

Thank You All.

Bill aka Dickie Moltisanti
Paulie: "You’re not gonna believe this. The guy killed 16 Czechoslovakians. He was an interior decorator."

Christopher:" His house looked like shit. "

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I've been off and on, mostly a late comer to this forum. Everyone who has commented on the intelligence, depth, kindness, and class of this board, as it is run by Fly, is absolutely on the mark.

Fly, I bow.

As David Chase has made the best show on television, Fly has created the best forum for discussion on the web.

I don't really deserve a vote, but I do like this forum and would like to see it continue. Forums really do need a focus.

Most of my message board time is spent on entertainment and true crime venues.
As much as I enjoy discussing these things, I hate the available boards. They're so filled with trolls that it is hardly worth trying to have an intelligent discussion.

Not beinging sure of the interests of others here on this board, I'm hesitant to suggest anything. Those of you who know each other well can probably come up with a focus.

Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this discussion group. You are all wonderful and have amazing insights.

Fly, thank you for your personal insights and the atmosphere.

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This place rules and as others pointed out it's mostly Fly's outstanding analysis that brought us all together in the beginning.

It's great to come to a forum and know that I can post my opinion and have it treated as that. I love the communal atmosphere of this place and I'm more then happy to be a member. I was a big Sopranos fan beforehand but this forum has made me a junkie.

Thanks Fly!

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Here's a big thanks from me Fly. All of my family and friends think I'm nuts the way I talk about the Sopranos every week. They chat with me about it afterwards for maybe five minutes but that's usually about as far as they'll go. Five minutes is not enough! Anyway, thanks for providing such a great outlet for all of us wackos. Take care.

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Fly set the bar high with her thoughtful, insightful and (often) lengthy posts. Her code of conduct also was of a high standard. The end result has been this wonderful forum, with consistently intelligent posting throughout, kind and well-mannered members and a willingness to discuss anything, to look below the surface for an enriched viewing experience. I am glad to be part of the moderating team here, but I'm rarely needed - the members here are too nice and too considerate to ever cause problems (and often prevent them). I think a huge part of this is because of Fly's example. Kudos to you for that, FOMW, and thank you so much for having me be a part of it.

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