Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

From billymac:

Members of the Chase Lounge: We are privileged to participate in such a fantastic on-line community. It is a place we, the fanatics, can call home. And every time we come home, the welcome is genuine and the fellowship is refreshing. It is a place where every post, from the most revered to the most inglorious, seamlessly follow one-another in a discussion thread and receive equal consideration, validation, elucidation and criticism; these incongruous posts, representing the thoughts and feelings of thousands of like-minded people from varying places and circumstances, inform and expound on each other until they bring us around at last to a completely new perspective on a once familiar subject. Minds are changed; opinions are revised; previously unacceptable ideas are at last accepted. There is no mutual exclusivity or monopoly of thought claimed by any of us. Such is the power that free thought, expressed in an accepting environment, and prodded on by intelligence, wit, humor, insight and common sense, is capable of. When the subject of the discussion is the Sopranos, well then, you have just completed the recipe for on-line discussion board perfection!

Our wonderful Chase Lounge exists in all of its glory and splendor because of one person: FlyOnMelfisWall (The Boss). Not only because she personally carved out this little niche of cyber-space for us to play in, but because she also imbued it, at its inception, with all of the hallmarks that define it’s decorum: class, etiquette, civility, intelligence, respect, tolerant nurturing, acceptance of divergent views and a great sense of humor. What we owe her for her tireless and continuing efforts to create and maintain such an addictive discussion environment is beyond evaluation. And, most times, the creator of a forum never really knows how fully their creation is appreciated since the virtual world is by definition an impersonal one.

However, the Chase Lounge defies and challenges the impersonal nature of the internet. It is deeply personal; it has heart and spirit; it has life and vitality which we all feel and to which we are connected (which of us does not feel an intimate connection with the Boss, even though we have never met her in person?) So, before the series ends and before many of us fade away never to return (hopefully not too many), we thought it would be a good idea to give members a separate forum to at least try to repay the Boss’s kindness by publicly expressing our appreciation on a personal level. The Capos, Consiglieri and Under Boss invite you to take a moment or two during the show’s two-week hiatus, to compose and post a message expressing your thoughts, wishes, thanks and appreciation for the Boss and her efforts in creating and maintaining this very personable place we call home.

PS: Sorry for the conspiracy Boss!

Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

The above words are from billymac, but they seemed perfect and I figured why change it. Especially as I agree with every word. The other mods got together on this one and I thought it was a great idea. We all are very, very thankful for Fly starting this forum back in the day when we broke off from Sopranoland and I have enjoyed the in-depth discussions and great insight so many have brought to my own viewing experience of the program. Had it not been for Fly, I doubt very much I would appreciate and understand The Sopranos near as much as I do today. So, from her Consigliere - thanks so much for taking the time and effort to run this place and personally, thanks for having the faith in me as an individual to assist you in those efforts. I hope that all of us Mods live up to what you expect of us and give you at least a few extra moments that you can spend reading posts rather than having to act on them administratively. Thanks Fly!
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Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

I want to tell you how much this place means to me.

Many is the time that I'm sitting up at 4 in the morning, so sick of working on my current project that I just can't keep my eyes open.

So, I come over here and even though no one may be listening at that time, I can write some long post and pour out some of my frustrations.

This place means a lot to me. It's not just about having a place to go, but it's a place where I can meet other like-minded people and have someone to talk to when there is no one available at that particular time in my real life.

I love the show. It is, to my mind, the best show that has ever been on TV and I love the fact that I have a place where I can discuss some issues from the show seriously - when I'm in the mood - and also irreverently, when the mood hits me.

I know this is the internet and this place is not real in the same way as my real life. But the feelings about the show and about some of the people I talk with here are definitely real. I think most anyone can vouch for that.

So, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, Fly. I wish I could give you a great big hug and kiss, but I understand that sort of talk makes you a little uncomfortable. So, I'll just say thank you for starting this place and for watching over your brood, much like Tony would like to watch over his brood of ducklings.

Quack! Fly. Quack! The show will be ending soon and we may all be flying away together. I hope you will lead us in whatever or wherever you decide to fly. I know that I would like to fly along with you. Quack! Quack!

I hope you have a flight plan in mind?

Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall


I love being a part of a community that is a safe house from trolls. And you are so nice to them, they stop being trolls!

I look forward to seeing every one's responses on ANY given subject.

Most of all I love how you challenge our thoughts, and processes. I use to read the other boards, and they were so simple-minded! This board makes me think before I post, analyze the scenes, sometimes frame by frame! This board takes my Sopranos obsession, and turns it into a learning experience!

I would follow you to any board, to any show.

Thank you for being you. I truly appreciate everything you do!

love, Cassata..aka Kimmy
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Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

I watched the Sopranos from the beginning and was a lurker at the old SopranoLand EZ Board. Fly’s posts there opened my eyes to many other levels of interpretation and enjoyment. When Fly decided to start the Chase Lounge I followed her here so as not to miss the great discussion I was sure would be lost at the old board. Fly then openly solicited for people to help her moderate the Chase Lounge. Just by luck I was one of the first to respond to her request and to my surprise, she took a chance on appointing me, a quiet (and unknown to her) lurker, a moderator. Every day since then I have marveled at Fly’s creation.

So, this is a BIG THANK YOU to you Fly! Your board is fantastic. Your insights are inspiring. Your faith in me as an untested moderator is so very much appreciated, especially since the other moderators are top-notch folks, like you. The membership you have cultivated is second to none; I seriously consider the members of this board some of the finest people who ever interacted together in cyber-space. The entire tenor of the Board, the moderators and the members is due to you. Your spirit is infused in the Chase Lounge and you should be proud of its creation. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to be a part of it. :icon_biggrin:

Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

As I told the forum mods, this has taken me totally by surprise. While I could never treat a gesture of this kind with anything but humility and gratitude, that's especially true with respect to an enterprise that has given me far more than I've put into it. I procured the site, but the value here owes entirely to those who contribute to it and, of course, to the momentous, colossal work of art that inspired it.

The Sopranos has created a need in me for group discussion unlike any other phenomena I've encountered in life. I'm very grateful to all who've shared their perspectives and insights over the years, both at Sopranoland and at the two incarnations of The Chase Lounge. You've enriched my viewing experience immeasurably and have certainly increased my appreciation for the potential of online fellowship and friendship. Thanks to you all.

Thanks to DH, billymac, and the rest of the mods for the extremely kind gesture of this special forum and for all the hard work you've put in to keep the boards tidy and running smoothly.

And thanks to David Chase and the many talented collaborators who helped him shape what will soon total 86 of the finest hours of drama ever committed to film.

P.S. - Since many have expressed a desire to see this forum continue in some form, I encourage folks to post ideas for new forum subject matters that might be of interest. The Sopranos subjects will eventually be consolidated and the "current interest" category will likely be abolished entirely.:icon_sad::icon_sad: So there will be room for other forums/subjects on the front page. If there's something of a going concern nature that interests you, propose it in the Meet Market.:icon_wink:
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Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

Yes, this thread is well overdue. Fly, everybody here owes you the most genuine and heartfelt thank you for the wonderful gift you’ve given us in this place. I’ve belonged to a couple of different television-show-forums in the past, and no moderator has done the work you have, Fly. On no other board am I treated with the same level of respect and consideration. On no other board am I so entirely fearless to pose even the most unpopular of opinions, because it is only here that I am sure it will be met with the most courteous and thoughtful disagreement. On no other board am I so well-insulated from trolls and thoughtless abuse. And finally, on no other board am I as consistently challenged and stimulated by the incredible quality of the conversation posted here.

On other boards I’ve belonged to, people would log on just to post their two cents – or refute someone else’s two cents – without really paying respect to the fact that they were talking to other people. Here, everyone’s individual voice and personality always shines through in their posts; they show more of themselves – and people pay more attention to what others show – because The Chase Lounge is such a personal, intimate forum for us. Everyone here isn’t just words on my computer screen, you’re all real people.

My high school graduation ceremony is later on today, and I’ll be saying goodbye to many people – teachers, friends, and administrators – that have come to mean so much to me over the last few years. That school has been a tremendously significant part of my life for so long, and as excited as I am to move on to the next chapter, a part of me wants to never leave the comfort of the familiar, friendly building I’ve resided in for these past three years.

I feel quite similarly about The Chase Lounge. I was so excited in the days leading up to the April 8th premiere, I failed to recognize that the end of “The Sopranos” run would also usher in the end of The Chase Lounge as we know it. Just like my school, The Chase Lounge has given me people I consider both my friends and my teachers, I’ve learned so much here. And Fly, you are the friendliest of administrators I could meet, both on and off the internet. I feel so strongly about leaving here because this forum isn’t separate from my “real” life – this forum is a big part of my life. Coming here and chatting in the chat room or posting on the boards is just as ‘real’ to me as going to school and talking to friends or being challenged by my English teacher. And it’s always just as rewarding and worthwhile.

I may not be the most frequent poster here, in large part because of how intimidating the level of intelligence in discussion here actually is. And I share the viewpoints of so many people here that could probably express them much better than me anyway. But I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve deprived myself an adequate amount of sleep, in favor of lurking here to read all of the great discussion. And I can’t even begin to count how many days I went to school ragged and exhausted because I was in the chatroom until well after one in the morning, feeling unable to log off and miss out on the genuine comradeship I felt there.

So thank you Fly, for the countless (and I mean countless) hours that I’ve been able to spend here. My dad might think that I am (as well as everyone else here) a total geek for my level of commitment to this forum; and all my friends are probably really tired of me pointing out all of the most important observations from the latest episode that I picked up from reading here; but this place is more important than anyone else could understand. Anyone, except you guys. So thank you!
Cassata wrote:I would follow you to any board, to any show.
Ditto. So what’s next, Fly? "House", maybe? Or how about "Desperate Housewives"? :icon_wink:

Re: Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

Since Fly has posted and asked for suggestions about where to go next, I think it's important to point out what happened here after the last season ended (6A) and before this season (6B) started. It seemed to me that the amount of activity on this board dried up to almost zero.

If I'm mistaken about that, please let me know. But I've seen other boards flourish for a little while and then die and it's a sad thing. So, I'd like to give some serious thought to Fly's question as to where we go from here. And I'd like to ask anyone who has any ideas about how to keep this board alive after The Sopranos to please contribute.

One thought that I had was that it would be nice to have a place that was clearly designated an "Off Topic" or "Lounge" type forum where people could post about anything they wanted - mostly it tends to be about current events or politics (but politics is usually best kept in a separate place), or just what's happening in their lives. I've always felt that the "Meet Market" was a place we were expected to post about meeting other people and somewhat in the context of The Sopranos. I've often wanted to discuss items in the news (like today's story in Drudge about how the music industry is screwed over falling CD sales), but the "Off Topic" forum at most boards are overwhelmed by kids or people just wanting to make waves. It would be great to discuss some issues with serious adults who were willing to be serious (like here on this board).

It would be nice to have a section clearly identified as a kind of Lounge where people could post about most anything. If I've misunderstood any aspect of this board, I surely do apologize and please feel free to correct me.

Another thought I had was that it might seem hollow somehow to pick another TV program and try to switch over to discussing that. I think any other TV program would fall far short compared to The Sopranos. But maybe if we focused on a development company like HBO, it might be better. After all, HBO seems to be dedicated to producint quality shows and we are seeing the decline of network TV in favor of things like HBO or distribution mediums that offer HBO shows. In addition, it seems to be that HBO might be open to participating in some way with a fan base (though I have no idea of exactly in which way). But just consider how much better the discusions we've been having about TS would have been if Chase Films had given us some kind of support - maybe even just allowing us to submit a few questions each week. After all, they do sit for interviews by news organizations, why wouldn't they be willing to do something for their fans? It wouldn't cost much to ask them.

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