Re: Agent Harris Siding with Tony in the War

This thing with Agent Harris is almost like the old Warner Brothers Cartoon, where there is the sheep dog protecting the sheep, says good morning , hello how are ya to the Coyote whose job is to attack the sheep. They both are shown punching a time clock (say at 9am). The rest of the cartoon is Coyote scheming to get sheep and the sheep dog preventing the coyote from getting the sheep. At 5 PM both clock out and it is have a nice day.

Re: Agent Harris Siding with Tony in the War

Considering how many really bad men have been taken off the files by Tony, it is very possible that Agent Harris considers him to be an asset. Ralphie, Chrissy, Pussy, Jackie Jr., Jason, Patsie's brother, Junior, Vito, Richie, Big Dom...etc.

Tony seems to be doing his job for him, without using up too much of the taxpayers money on trials, other than what has been spent on Uncle Junior's trial.

Harris made it very apparent that he didn't like Phil at all. Open door to kill him off also. Johnny Sak, is gone. These other guys are so old that they will eventually blow away if they are not given an opportunity to pass their ways down to the next generation.

Junior mafia, Parisi and Carlos' kid may be a problem. AJ is out of circulation and the older generation is taking itself out.

Maybe Harris is using Tony like a weapon, aiming him at anyone who the feds would like to see gone.

Re: Agent Harris Siding with Tony in the War

I think harris feels sorry for Tony because Tony's mom and uncle tried to kill him, his uncle twice. I also think he respects Tony because while Tony's uncle and mother tried to kill him and they proved that to him Tony never got his revenge, he never tried (to their knowlege) to kill either one of them, he actually cared for both up until his mother died and his uncle was commited.
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